Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Importance of Jin-mu

Terjemahan Indonesia: Pentingnya Jin-mu

Referring to the recorded sermon:

In the above speech, GM Lu once again stressed how important is Jin-mu in healing and most sentient matters.

In the example of Shi-mu needing blessing whenever she is ill and suffering greatly, all she needs is GM Lu to invoke Jin-mu's presence to bless her.
She will be fine quickly.

From another angle: 
Why shi-mu can't invoke Jin-mu's presence to help herself?

The answer is also in the same speech!

Now GM Lu talks about Cultivation must do step by step or stage by stage, advancing only when One has mastered the initial step or stage!

So? Back to building foundation that I have stressed repeatedly! :)

Another interesting topic was about Green Tara's vow that all those that betrayed their Root Guru will not be help by Green Tara.

Also those that caused disharmony in Sangha Assembly, resulting in break up of the Assembly and members leaving.


Core stuck this crime on Lotuschef few years ago!
Alleging that Lotuschef caused havoc or chaos in the Sangha Assembly and therefore the penalty is to remove from TBS reverend list!

Now, many fellow students left TBS well before Lotuschef takes refuge!
Likewise, many reverends also left of their own accord!

Why suddenly need to pin such a crime onto Lotuschef?


I just recalled that a lackey of Core, using a Facebook account named "Tok Chef", in which the mentioned of a reverend by the name of "Lian Jie -discipline", who allegedly continue to breach disciplines was liken to Lotuschef!

Bear in mind though that this Lian Jie left TBS with a big group of fellow students and not delisted or chased away with penalties!

He has his own temples and functioning pretty well too with lots of followers in various countries too!
What has he done?

GM Lu said in the above speech: If you leave, please refrain from slandering your guru!

For those wise ones, with discernment, Lotuschef has never slander or talk bad about Root Guru, GM Lu, but instead promote "absolute faith & trust" in GM Lu, her one & only Root Guru!

In a world whereby Wisdom of Buddhas is prioritised, shouldn't you all try to show some wisdom when attempting to "Pin" false allegations on anyone?


Why does Shi-mu always need GM Lu to invoke Jin-mu's presence to bless and heal her?

Why does Shi-mu always preach that "You must come to temple every Saturday in order get blessing from GM Lu"?

In the same speech, GM Lu said that YOU need to break free to attain Buddhahood!

Isn't GM Lu trying again and again to teach you to "DIY -do it yourself"?

If you can't DIY, means that you have not bothered to Listen to GM Lu and practice accordingly, concur?

To invoke the presence of Jin-mu or any divinity, GM Lu said the Key is Absolute Faith!

ALL in the same speech too!

Wake up or continue to sleep? 

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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