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动物灵附身 Possessed by Animal Spirit

Terjemahan Indonesia: Kerasukan Roh Binatang

[--- Only Tantrayana advocates "instant Buddhahood." - After attaining mystic powers, we are able to have a breakthrough and be enlightened. All the ten stages of mental development are one and the same as the mind of a Buddha.

Therefore, we cannot give up , consider ourselves hopeless , be resigned to the fact and claim that we have animal minds. By so doing , we are slandering the Buddhas of past, present and future lives.

As we are all future Buddhas, we will have spiritual achievement in the future. If we constantly visualize ourselves as Buddhas, we are upholding the Tantric principle of "instant Buddhahood", and this itself is a tell-tale sign of our future Buddhahood. To-date, no other schools can promise you a faster way to spiritual fruition yet.

As animal minds and human minds are the same as that of the Buddhas', we must always will that our speech, body and mind function naturally, so that we will be fully enlightened and become Buddhas in no time. ---]

Quoting from Ten States in the Development of the Mind 十住心论:
[--- It is Kûkai's own invention however to associate the different doctrines evaluated and classified with specific states of mind or stages of spiritual attainment.

That is, each state in the development of the mind is correlated with a specific set of doctrines appropriate to it, as its perspective and lived experience of reality, true to a certain extent within its limited purview but not yet the whole truth until the final state is reached.

In other words, to move up this hierarchy of levels of mind, is to experience the unfolding of the Dharma as one becomes further awakened until one fully realizes one's enlightenment in non-duality with the Dharma itself, i.e. the attainment of Buddha-hood.---]

Quoting from ANIMAL MIND 动物的心:
[--- A Dharma master who has a mind similar to that of an animal should be able to invoke the spirit of an animal.
    What is "animal mind"? 
    Japanese monk Koho termed it "Yi Ti Di Yang Xin" (goats from different areas) . 
    Two words can be used to describe the minds of animal: food and sex. 

    Animals have the instinct to eat when they are hungry. 
    And they copulate to satisfy their sexual desire.

..........Those who have committed the ten non-virtues of killing, stealing, indulging in sexual misconduct, lying, harsh speech, divisive speech, senseless talk, covetousness, harmful intent and wrong view are destined to descend to the animal realm. 
Ask yourself this question : 
"Why do people kill, steal and indulge in sexual desire ?" 
Mainly for the sake of food, fame, profit and sexual desire.

.......Therefore when a divination is very accurate it does not necessarily mean it was done by a Buddha. 
It could be the work of an animal spirit. 
When a temple is noted for its accuracy in reading your future, it does not necessarily mean a god has been in charge. 
It could be the work of a group of animal spirits. 

Under such circumstances, in order to mingle with the animals, the person in charge would have to behave like the animals, and eventually he would be trapped ! 

So if we want to live clean , we should not be mixing with this group of animal spirits. ---]


A: wrote an interestingly fun poking post!
Tue, 1:08 PM

B: hehe yes
and the latest sermon was fun as well
ren-yun in every corner

ppl real dumb that to think she is so well loved n cared for
didn't think that admitting she always needs help, means she didn't cultivate at all

B: yes

A: the incident whereby there is animal spirit in her also an eye-opener!

B: and the fact that animal spirits could possess her might reveal her mentality too

A: yup. the mind development thingy
these people really never think what GM said actually reveals their base card!

## really now fat & womanly! very obvious!

there is nothing to boast about when you need others to help you all the time! means don't want to DIY! :)

B: i concur

A: that gang is going to hate me more for telling the TRUTH about her non-cultivation! :)

B: well
i think anyone wise enough can actually see through what's happening with her
and the decisions they have made

A: yup! I said: wake or or stay asleep! All personal choice!


Dear all, 

when you think that you need to have blessing from your Root Guru all the time whenever you are "In trouble", you revealed that you really don't know about Cultivation of Tantric Dharma!

Likewise, when I advised you to look carefully at photos shown in certain articles, I am trying to help you to be observant and subsequently analytical.

This way, you can Develop the Wisdom of Discernment, a wisdom of all Buddhas.


When you ask questions about the significance of certain offerings; or why you stare and stare at photos and see nothing; you are also telling that you don't or can't be bothered to Start from Basics in cultivation!

With a Living Buddha as a Root Guru, you are frivolously wasting your limited lifetime with a Human Shell or Form, and didn't learn how to FREE self from Transmigration or falling into the Lower Realms!
How SAD!

If you have read most of the articles shared in this blog, and understand most of them, you would have picked up pointers as to how to go about cultivation and progressing step by step too!

I am sharing my own experiences along the Bodhi Path, and sadly you missed the "Boat"! 

Why don't you be truthful to Self and start over again from Basics?
Buddhas always compassionately offer you "Alternatives"!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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