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禅宗公案 Zen Koan – 文殊现身 Appearance of Manjusri

文殊菩萨(梵文:मञ्जुश्री Mañjuśrī),又称文殊师利菩萨、曼殊室利菩萨,亦称妙吉祥菩萨,佛教四大菩萨之一,释迦牟尼佛的左胁侍菩萨,代表智慧。
文殊菩萨的名字意译为 “妙吉祥”;Mañju,文殊或曼殊,意为美妙、雅致,śrī,师利或室利,意为吉祥、美观、庄严。

Zen Master WenXi went to pay homage at Wu Tai Shan. Before arrival he stayed the night at a straw hut, which was occupied by an elderly man. 
Wenxi asked the elder: This temple's has what details?

Elder answered: Mixture of dragons & snakes, commoners and saints jointly.

Wenxi asked: How many staying in?

Elder answered: Front three three, back three three.

When Wenxi woke up the next morning, the straw hut has disappeared, only can see Manjusri riding on lion and abiding in the sky, remorseful about not recognising a Boddhisattva, and missed out.

Later, Wenxi visited Zen master Yang Shan and become enlightened, thus stay on to take on the task of cook.

One day, he saw Manjusri appears from the steam that arose from the rice pot, he raised the rice ladle and hitting it, said:
Manjusri is Manjusri, Wenxi is Wenxi, today can't mix me up (Means confuse me).

Manjusri said this verse:  Bitter melon even roots are bitter, Sweet melon - sweet to the base, the 3 big kalpas of cultivation, but being repulsed by this monk.    
Most do not know Self nature, always seek externally for dharma, thus delusion of possessed and loss, if realised self nature, then "Manjusri is Manjusri, Wenxi is Wenxi," has no difference actually, thus why Self remorse or self confuse?

In Manjusri's verse, he does not fear that people repulse him, but is explaining that through the 3 big asamkya kalpa of cultivation, today can really reach a kindred spirit, someone who recognise him!
Actually, Manjusri is Wenxi, is him and no duality!


Dear all,
Enjoyed the story?

What Dharma Keys have you found and what can be use in furthering your cultivation efforts?

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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