Sunday, September 27, 2015

禅宗公案 Zen Koan - 慧可安心 Wisdom Can Set Heart at Peace

ZM Shen Guang Hui Ke travelled a mountainous route to Shaolin Temple at Song Shan to visit Patriarch Bodhidharma, attempting to seek teachings and be accepted as his student. Bodhidharma sitting quietly facing the wall and ignored him. Thus Shen Guang waiting outside. It was windy and snowing at that time, and after a long time, the snow was knee deep.

Bodhidharma seeing his sincerity in seeking dharma, started to ask SG:
What matter are you asking in waiting so long in the snow?
SG said: Hoping that reverend open sacred dew door, widespreadly succour all.  
Dharma said: All Buddhas have no special paths, through long periods of diligence, difficult to execute also can execute, difficult to bear or persevere also can bear, still cannot reach, you are using light and prideful heart, hoping for True Vehicle, wasting your effort and hardship only.

Upon hearing these, SG felt remorse, immediately cut away one of his arm, there and then in front of Dharma's seat.   
Dharma said: All Buddhas seeking Dao (Path) for Dharma forgetting Forms, what are you asking in severing your arm?
SG answered: Student's heart is not at peace, seeking help from Master to set my heart at peace!
Dharma shouted: Bring your heart here, I will help you set it at peace!
A shocked SG said: I can't find my heart!
Dharma smile lightly saying: I already help set your heart at peace.
SG can't find the place, but just a turn around enter the place, finally reach realisation,

Our suffering are originally Void or Empty, Sins also do not have Self Nature, Conscious heart silently disintegrated, no more places from which unwholesome thoughts initiate, that is True or Right Realisation, that is Buddha's Path.

If can maintain a true heart that is stable, true/honest, not messed up, Buddha nature will appear at that moment.


The above story is a much recounted one.

Enjoy it and learn from it. :)

Heaven or Hell?

All Self created!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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