Thursday, September 24, 2015

任运-用 Execute at Will – USE [2]

Dear Fashe
Thank you for replying to my previous email.

As I told you, I am also a student of Grand Master Lu Sen Yen in Indonesia. I once sent email to you about beating of my basic cakra when I imagine Maha Mayuri Buddha appear in front of me. Do you still remember?

Now, I have read almost 400,000 times Maha Mayuri mantra. 
I think I will finish Grand Master's instruction of 600,000 times Maha Mayuri mantra approximately in March 2016.

My basic cakra is not beating any more, but it contracts as long as Maha Mayuri Buddha is still in front of me in my imagination. 
For your information, I still can control the basic cakra contraction, whether to contract or not to contract.

As I stop the imagination, my basic cakra is back to normal.

Do you think this is a good sign of improvement or not?

I have some kind of closeness feeling with Maha Mayuri Buddha and been waiting for Grand Master schedule to perform Maha Mayuri ceremony in the next future where I can have blessing to do Maha Mayuri practice. 
I have choose Maha Mayuri Buddha as my Yidam.

Is it true that Maha Mayuri Buddha can both be our Yidam and Dharmapala?


Dear all,
Read the above email carefully please. :)

With your knowledge of dharma that GM Lu shared, what advice can you give to this student?

First, gauge his Cultivation Level.
Then compare with what GM Lu has shared.

O! If you are on the same level as this student or below, then you would not be able figure out anything or give advice.

Have Fun!

**PS - emails like the above will not be answered!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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