Monday, September 21, 2015

CHAT: 文殊现身 Appearance of Manjusri

AA: fashi
if wen xi understood that he is no different from manjusri

why did he still utter: Manjusri is Manjusri, Wenxi is Wenxi, today can't mix me up?

it's like saying two different entities: manjushri and wen xi

my guess is that that's why manjushri replied with: Bitter melon even roots are bitter, Sweet melon - sweet to the base

meaning that despite the difference in physicality, the roots remain the same
 1:04 AM

BB: Read the article again :) Dear all,
Read the article again?


Now draw upon all those that GM Lu shared or taught you!

Now lets play with the Factor of TIME.

Story starts from Wenxi going to Wu Tai mountain, then he became enlightened after meeting and seeking teaching from ZM Yang Shan.

[文喜后来参访仰山禅师时开悟,因此就安心住下来担任典座(煮饭 -cook rice)的工作。
Later, Wenxi visited Zen master Yang Shan and become enlightened, thus stay on to take on the task of cook.]

First sighting of Manjusri: Before he become enlightened.
Second sighting of Manjusri: He has become enlightened.

What did GM Lu said about Sightings of Divinities and One's level of Cultivation?

These might help you:-
Stage 1: Yidam as master
Stage 2: Yidam as friend
Stage 3: Yidam as you

As per GM Lu, Sighting Divinities and One particular one, means you have inherent affinity or built up affinities. :)

Now GM Lu also said that "Enlightened in theory, still need to cultivate and realise the theory."

Dear all, do bear in mind that there are stages in cultivation and realisation and you will do fine! :)

NOW: Can you answer AA's questions or enlighten him?

Remember: You have to USE or apply Buddha Dharma to each individual situation appropriately too!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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