Friday, September 18, 2015

禅宗公案 Zen Koan – 月船和尚 Moon Boat Monk

















The story:
Moon boat monk is one with high attainment and a good artist or painter.

To commission a painting from him, one has to pay high fees upfront, else he won't start to paint.
Thus he was labelled as a petty painter.

One day, a famous geisha commissioned him to paint her portrait and must be done Live with her presence.
Monk agreed, as long as she can pay his price.

The next day, Monk went to the brothel and the geisha was entertaining.
Monk expertly completed the portrait in a few swift strokes and collected the High Fee.

After paying up, the geisha said: 
This monk's painting skill is not bad but is heart is dirty, only know to ask money. A work from this polluted heart is not fit to display in the guest hall and only fit to decorate one of my skirts.

She then removed one of her skirts and ask Monk to draw on it.

The Monk agreed as long as she can pay his price.
After drawing, Monk collected his fee and left.

Later, people realised that the area where Monk stays has frequent famine, the rich refused to sponsor funds to help the poor. Thus, Monk build a secret warehouse and bought grains to fill it, as reserves in case of needs.
And the funds from his paintings, all for the needs when famine strikes.

Monk's guru has a wish to build a temple during his lifetime, but he die early and Monk steadfastly accumulate funds to help his guru fulfils his wish.

Other than these, Monk also used his funds to build a road.

Upon completion of funds raising and other charitable deeds, Monk threw done his paint brush and retreat to the mountain forest.


Dear all,
with the Fundamentals of Buddha Dharma that you have learn so far, can you enumerate the Keys that Moon Boat Monk practiced or applied?

Can you also comment on "Why others have a bad impression of Monk?"

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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