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禅宗公案 Zen Koan - 華亭船子德诚禅师与夹山 Zen Master Huating Chuanzi Decheng & Jiashan

船子德誠 Chuanzi Decheng (820-858)
[華亭船子德诚 Huating Chuanzi Decheng]

【禅宗公案 Zen Koan】 华亭船子德诚禅师与夹山图, 32.37 x 12.87 cm,
painted by 狩野如川周信绘 Kanō Josen Chikanobu (1660-1728),
eldest son of Tsunenobu of the Kobiki-chō branch of the Kanō school,
succeeded his father as third head of the school in 1713,
and in 1719 was awarded the highest court title, hōgen ('Eye of the Law').

Picture shows Monk Jiashan being hit into the water 3 times by Zen Master Decheng or Boat Monk.


道吾禅师告诉他 “你说的错倒没错,只是没有亲自证得,没有亲身体验过佛法的妙味,别人也不能通过你的说教证得佛法,体验佛法的妙味,你说的这些都不是当下能成佛的法,而想得到当下能成佛的法必须有师承”。







[Being pressed into water, a moment that threatens one's life, one has no time or leisure to drag out any sutra or theories at all. 
At this moment, this person is in High alert, mind empty, void of unwholesome thoughts, immediately cut into realm of [Realisation & Void combined execution]

Boat monk used this method to force Monk Jiashan to realisation or enlightenment.


Jiashan took his leave, ans as he walks he has thoughts, 
firstly- a reluctance to leave his teacher;
secondly - doubting that Buddha Dharma is so simple!

我多年的世间学问,三藏十二部的佛法……众生贪嗔痴慢“疑”-Doubt 嘛!

船子禅师看明白了夹山的心思,大喊一声,夹山回头一看,船子禅师竖起船杆说:Boat monk upon seeing Jiashan's thoughts, gave a shout, and Jiashan turned around, Boat monk lifted the oar & said:

“汝将谓别有”是告诉夹山 “你不要认为另外还有成佛的法!”
You think there are other ways of realisation!

Boat monk overturn the boat and drowned himself.

This made Jiashan gave up and walked away.

To firm up student's faith, life also don't want!

这就是一代祖师的风范,这就是为法捐躯 - Donating one's Life for Dharma 




Please refer to :   The Boat Monk

A: know n understand are different
understand then can use

Sep 11, 4:34 PM

B: use is Ren yun
yes, makes sense and true

A: my promise to GM is to teach USE

B: yes, to be able to use is to rid oneself from being hypocritical, which sadly is happening everywhere

A: Born to be king! 
Hehe! I do wonder how many really read my meaning
Wed, 7:10 PM

yes, and the accumulation of the cultivation from previous lives too
one of the meaningful part is what the buddha said of reigning above and below the sky
Ya. king of the universe!

B: inclusiveness

A: the answers from the new fashi are real shockingly lacking in dharma keys

B: the last one

A: the one that said her heart with GM is real scary

B: if i were the fashi i wouldn't said that either

A: Nah! all of them

B: the first one was too
because the buddha asked him to do so
that's why gm said: so it wasn't your decision?

A: yoga means merging n not giving over to someone else!

B: yes
but i was thinking you know, at least there should be something that differs one from being a lay and 出家
at least the 出家 has come to understand that the world is full of transient phenomena and finally decided to cultivate seriously

A: Not true!

B: although eventually there is no difference between lay or 出家

A: cultivate don't need to be monk lol

B: yes
but the question is why do you 出家?

A: It's what I always talked about from the start: mindset

B: oh now that makes sense :)

A: to dedicate solely in cultivation to succor self and all!

B: yes, was thinking of that too
because of the inclusiveness

A: Not to learn how to chant sutra or sing repentance or play the instruments ....

B: hahahaha omg

A: some pride themselves in accomplishments of being able to do repentance events!

B: i concur
sidetracking too far

A: GM cracked a joke about the 3 fairies statues that are BENT like jiu-ru fashi! he has a hunch back n mean to us trainees!

B: oh so that's what he meant? it wasn't available in the english cast

A: if ask me, I would say Time to return to the team n do my share

B: very acceptable
because you have your own say

A: It's the dream that I had one year after refuge lol
we all have our assigned duties lol 
like born to be king! 
we take up our rank n duties only

B: yes, true
when being pondered deeper it's true

A: why I don't need the VM TITLE?

B: nahhhhh
how come it's a coincidence too

A: U notice ksiti has dharma king crown while the other has the 5 Buddha crown?

B: i read this yesterday:

yes, ksiti with the dharma king crown
differs from the the one with the eyewear

A: ksiti has higher attainment of buddhahood

B: yes
i'm almost afraid of falling into being chia-shan
and you're really like monk teh-cheng hahaha

A: hahaha! You have lots of materials which you don't fully understand n what more how to use

B: that's why i need to practise more
instead of speaking of theories

A: My promise to GM of teaching USE, is a real easy task, as not many will come and learn from me. 
Reason: they don't know that they need to learn to USE dharma!

B: hmmm makes sense
this is why superficiality is scary
and i don't want to fall into this group

A: ya lol. like i said that the english translations of most sutras are not good!
most don't have tantric experiences like yoga

B: yes because to translate buddha dharma requires experience of the dharma itself
otherwise it's just a mere literal translation without the taste

A: this story is a very good one! most are like this chia san when they can rattle off dharma from sutras n books

B: yes hor

A: like the milarepa guy that quote terma

B: that's why
what you said several days ago really hit me you know

A: has anyone open the door of flower adornment sutra like me n invite you to walk in?

B: to know and to understand are different
A: to understand is to apply and therefore ren yun
how does one walks into a sutra? 
hehe! so I must be crazy!

I am evil and make people angry by showing them I am more superior! 
my way is to push people to draw level with me lol

B: as you said, different mindset
if you were selfish for you, you'd die very fast
but not many can understand the meaning behind

A: hahaha! less ppl around me or chasing me the better!

that lli and the xtz likes to use bombastic words that they cant explain too!

B:good example, yes

A: lets share this article in our blog
you go put it up with some nice pictures

Dear all, having or memorising lots of sutras and theories like Jiashan, you can't reach enlightenment of full realisation!

Remember GM Lu said that Enlightened in Theory, STILL NEED to have Practical Cultivation of what you realised! :)


USE! - the most important key, agree?

Want to learn from me? :)

Lets see whether you have the relevant affinity or not!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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