Thursday, September 17, 2015

任运-用 Execute at Will – USE [1]

In 2009 May, months before my first trip to Seattle and being ordained.

In a discussion of doing "Live Animal Release"practice:
I suggested that if we can't find a venue off shore then we do by the shore AND
using the Dorje to draw a HOM syllable in the sky and beam light to bless all Land, Sea & Air creatures.

Reverend LL said: I cannot do that, too ridiculous and Core will kill me! 
[太炫了!宗委会会杀死我!]- he means ridiculous here


Dear all,
With the sharing of Maha Mudra and Maha Perfection Dharma by GM Lu, I am sure that most of you can now understand that what I suggested to the then reverend LL is what GM Lu taught as Execute at Will 任运!

When a fellow student compared me to a VM who went around a lake for more than 4 hours, ringing the bell and using the dorje to bless creatures in the lake, I told him that this VM has no inkling of Tantrayana at all!

The same application or USE of the Dorje to light up a HOM syllable to shine on Land Sea Air will get all creatures blessed and cleanse too!
As I have stated, less than 30 seconds!

Ringing the Vajra Bell helps to spread the light or blessing further too, covering the whole global earth if One so please! :)

Does being a reverend change One's abilities?
Frankly speaking: Not really!

Does reverend LL knows how to go about USING the HOM syllable that I shared with him?

He don't know what I am sharing is Maha Mudra & Maha Perfection Dharma!

Of course, the mechanics of how to draw a HOM in the sky and light it up is something that One must have the keys to!

I shared a similar method during the Medan event this August 15!

Now, look through this blog's articles carefully and see how many other methods I shared in [USE]!

If GM Lu can, then you can too!


Requirement: Your sincerity and diligence in Cultivation for the benefit of all beings!

That's all!

Methods abound and is immeasurable too!

Find the Keys!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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