Friday, September 11, 2015

佛的遗物 A Buddha's Legacy [3]

Terjemahan Indonesia: Pusaka Warisan Buddha [3]

In article [1], I shared some of Atisha's legacies.
Atisha as we all know, is one of GM Lu's past lives.

Through various lifetime, GM Lu has reincarnated into various gurus, compiling and sharing authentic Buddha Dharma and corresponding cultivation techniques.

Article [2] - In this lifetime, the 250+ books that GM Lu has written, and the speeches he has given, all documenting over & over again, what a person needs to do from start to finish in Cultivation to attain Buddhahood.

Like Sakyamuni Buddha, showing all a way to break free and leave endless transmigration within the 6 realms!

No matter where and when, a Buddha's reincarnation serves only One Purpose!
That is to teach and help all to break free and leave the endless transmigration cycle!

Now, buying stuff that are gifts to GM Lu?
Does GM Lu needs the $$$?
If so, then for what purpose and in what amount?

GM Lu has shared many times that he don't need much money to spend whether in Seattle or Taiwan.
Did you missed all these information or just ignored what GM Lu said?

Now the Legal Suit Saga!
GM Lu has repeatedly stressed that he will not sue anyone in this lifetime!
Why did students ignored this and went ahead to create negatives?

Recently GM Lu again explained why there is no need to heed what others choose to hurl at you, when you are a Buddha! :)

In the latest speech, GM Lu again talked about One's deeds that are "recorded" and those that are not!

Good or bad, Karma is always One's own responsibility!

Now my view on the sale of gifts presented to GM Lu and his drawings & paintings from his leisurely pursuits.

Why do you want to possess any one of these items?
Greed of the "Promised blessing or enhancement" for you, personally! 

When the "Demand" is Null then the "Supply" is void or frivolous!
Do you agree?

The problem?
Students have to learn to respect Guru truly and not believe those that are out to grab $$$ to appease their own cravings and desires!

Those that buy the items and return them to GM Lu, also helps in the "Demand" arena! 


Your $$$ should be ploughed into Charitable channels in GM Lu's name, and this will be more worthy than sustaining a "Demand" for GM Lu's personal items!
My point?
You are aiding and abetting the crooks in forcefully robbing GM Lu!

The most important Legacy you truly need from GM Lu?
Already given to you but you are too blind to see and use it!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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