Sunday, June 1, 2014

31-5-2014 Vajrasattva Repentance - Rebirth Mantra [1]

Pure Karma's team cultivated Vajrasattava Repentance & Purification Practice at a team member's place.

Of note, during the chanting of Amitabha's Rebirth mantra, something interesting happened again!

If you read Pure Karma's 4 Preliminaries Sadhana, these are the visualization for Rebirth Mantra
1. Visualize Amithaba Buddha appears from the Universal Void & beams Pinkish light (consisting of White, Red & Pink - like the lotus flower) on to all beings that we knowingly or unknowingly hurt or harm in our daily lives.

2. After this light blessing, all beings are cleanse and they are bright and shining and they happily climb onto Lotus Dharma Boats or vehicles.

3. All these Lotuses transformed into tiny dots of Golden yellow light; merges into a river and flow into Amitabha Buddha's Heart Chakra.

When One is sincere, with Boddhicitta then One can truly help to cleanse and deliver the spirits of animals, insects, bacteria, ..... etc. to Pureland.
If you {SEE}, you can see a river of golden yellow light rising upwards too!

GM Lu has articles or speeches pretty similar to this visualization and sighting too! :)
The point is, Are You able to execute this with Boddhicitta and sincerity?

I remember during a recent fire puja session, I noticed that those on my left side seems to be doing this mantra well as Golden yellow light denoting the lotuses with spirits that we wish to deliver to Pureland are bright; whereas that to my right is dim.

After telling the attendees of these, I suggested that we chant Rebirth Mantra 7-times again!
Well, there was some improvement.

Last evening, after telling attendees of my sighting, Lotus RT suggested that we chant Rebirth Mantra again.
What did I see?

As we started to chant this mantra, there are bright golden curves of light pushing upwards from my Right hand side. Then it weakens into soft waves.
From the 3rd repetition, bright golden curves of light started to be strong and bright from my Left Hand side.

So we repeated this mantra 7 times with more focus on Visualization. :)

Hahaha! Am I Crazy?
NO! if you want to cultivate well, then you have to know how effective you are, agree?

What is the point of doing everything blindly and then try to Bluff Self and others with " I have been with TBS for 40 years!" :)

I find those that boast of the number of years they are with TBS or refuge with GM Lu, need to really truly WAKE UP properly and Reflect on their wasting a Big part of their lives away, lying to Self and in truth, Hurting Self only!

Bear these factors that GM Lu stresses often in Mind:
Hand Mudra, Visualization and Mantra, for successful cultivation practices!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

See Next.

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