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神秀与慧能 Shen Xiu & Hui Neng

Terjemahan Indonesia: Shen Xiu & Hui Neng

Quoted from 神秀与慧能:

The body is a wisdom tree,
The mind a standing mirror bright.
At all times diligently wipe it,
And let no dust alight.




Translated by Lama Lotuschef - I feel the translation for this verse into English does not give a comprehensive meaning, therefore I translate this short verse as follows:-

菩提本非树 Bodhi (Buddha's Wisdom) do not originate from Tree
明镜亦非台 Bright Mirror likewise not a stage
本身无一物 Original Body does not have any matter or void of matter
何处惹尘埃 Where can attract any sentient dust to come to rest or abide? 





[At an event, two monks were arguing about movement of a banner.
One said it is the Wind that moves and One said it is the Banner that moves.
Hui Neng said: It is cultivator's or Individual's HEART that is moving!]


《千年菩提路》:六祖惠能的故事 – YouTube

六祖慧能傳 – YouTube

Actually both are correct in their Individual Outlook!
Hui Neng has stated that there are No Right and Also No Wrong - Middle Path Viewpoint.

Both verses shows the Cultivation or Attainment Level of each Individual in their Level of Realization only.

Application of Buddha Dharma learned and put into practice only! 

Many that had read my Astral Series of articles showed utter disbelief and even scold, slander and label me as Crazy and Evil! 
Hahaha! Some, like Core and VM YC, pushed me into Mara's arms! 

From the Maha Perfection Dharma that GM Lu is sharing, do you all that had hurled insults & abuses at me and sent me into Mara's arms started to realize that what I shared is what GM Lu has been sharing with you in those Mahamudra and Maha Perfection Dharma articles he wrote?

Hahaha! If you still want to discredit me or hurt me, it is truly crucial that you figure out "Who Am I" first! 

O! you might also think this is bizarre!
Someone told me over the phone: Fashi, you........  , don't worry I won't do it.
At that instant, a vision appeared of the originator of this same statement which is not from me!
This someone created a lie and subsequently tried to cover up and put the blame of other misdeeds onto me! :)

When One starts to Lie, he/she has to churn out more to support their previous lies!
Eventually Lies only hurt the Originator!

Same thing when I received emails, reading through the contents, the author and all fellow conspirators appeared in my vision, Owning up to the parts they contributed! 

O! You think you can Run? 
But you can't hide from your own deeds or karma!

Remember the Student that wrote to GM Lu, and said that now you have a successor, it is time for you to retire.
Truly, when GM Lu read the contents, the whole group of leader and fellow conspirators were on stage acting out the parts they contributed to! 

Hahaha! Bizarre? 

Sorry to tell you, Not Bizarre at all! 

The 5 type of Eye that a Buddha has and the 5 Buddha's wisdom, can very accurately see, read, hear, reach,... you; where ever you may be! 
No sentient being can escape a Buddha's eye! :)

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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