Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cultivation - Are You Diligent?

Pure Karma started with Merits Dedication sessions and 4 Preliminaries Practices.
Then we added Fire puja cultivation alternating with the 2 above.

However, GM saw the number of aged attendees and instructed me to do Fire puja cultivation solely,  catering to the aged and also the young ones as well.

Through the past 4 years, we see a turnover of attendees,  with new ones joining and old ones leaving.

Of signifucance,  those that came for Fixing problems, left soon after their immediate problems are perceived Fixed or Eliminated.


When I lead cultivation at local chapters, people will come attend and consult personal matters after cultivation. Then they don't attend further sessions once they got answers for their problems.

I stopped all consultation of these personal matters and only answer those pertaining to cultivation hence.

However, in Emergency situation or Life threatening ones, I am still willing to extend aid first,  irregardless of whether these people are fellow students or not.
Of course, payment for services is not an issue too!

Well? Somehow these emergency aids also become abused!

From 17-5-2014, we started to do Vajrasattva Repentance practice at private residences of fellow students, led by fellow students. Each one takes a turn at leading cultivation.

Thanks to GM's foresight, I started to let students take turns at leading cultivation during Fire Puja.
Some new students that are effectively bilingual also able to lead cultivation from start to end.
YES! Pretty rewarding to teach those that are sincere, diligent & intelligent!

If we look deeply into attendees, those that failed to grasp cultivation techniques and Buddha Dharma fundamentals, are those that fall into one or more of the 3 categories that Buddha said can't succor.

1. Don't believe
2. No affinity
3. Heavy or Fixed Karmic Negatives

Some are unhappy when I omitted their photos or photos of their family, taken during cultivation, when posting or publishing into Pure Karma's blogs.
Well, to satisfy these sentiments, all photos taken were posted!

GM stated that Thubten Ksiti is able to read Fates of individual's very accurately from photos!

Now try and remember that One's Fate of the 3 times, that is Past Present Future. Can be glean from One's photos!

O! Everything your Body Speech Mind manifested also can't be hidden or conceal from someone that can read your Aura!
So stop lying to Self and others.

I am glad to say that some of the regulars that cultivated with me,  are able to lead cultivation without my presence.

I can dedicate my time to more widespread sharing in the blogs and traveling too.

Please check Event Updates for events schedules.

As for Vajrasattva Repentance Practices at private venues, due to space constraints, attendees numbers are limited.
Also would give priority to those new students.

Please refer to Media Centre if you are interested to learn Pure Karma's version of 4 Preliminaries Practice or Vajrasattva Repentance practice.

Fire puja cultivation will resume after 3rd quarter of this year.

As long as you are sincere & diligent,  cultivation is never an unattainable goal.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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