Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tantrayana & You 密法与你

PP: Just woke from a nap.
Has sore throat n slight fever.
On the plane, too many coughing n one beside me too!
I made long dan + chrysanthemum n drank lots already

Its good to rest up a while too

Current will do the Vajrasattva repentance till most of them become shining n pure too!

The session at SN on 17 May is very well done and all are happy cultivating.
It is what Cultivation should be
Hahaha! Like leading cultivation in SC, I am not happy doing something that I can't control and students don't benefit. waste my time

Fortunately we have the blogs that is available 24/7
so we propagate dharma non stop round the clock!

In terms of utilization of my time in my physical presence, need to fine tune n not waste time like I did previously trying to "wake" people up

best to write more and share widely n I am sure this way can 'wake up" more
Cut down on 'entertainment" cos waste my time

AA: yeah flu n cough season in here too. must rest a lot oo..

BB: You take a rest la fashi, BY and FX are also sneezing continuously. 
Flu bug is everywhere at this time.

I believe that blog articles are very useful since all people can literally get access 24/7 as long as they have internet connection.
Meeting with you face to face is another affinity.

PP: I am better after the nap.
at least fever is gone, only the throat feels scratchy

Why did people think that I am quarreling with Core?
And also why I should not do so!

People are too used to Authority n passing on responsibilities to others
however, in Buddhism, control is one's own
choice is also one's own

what has my this n that to do with others?

BB: I have the belief that the majority of Buddhists love to place their perspective in the religion like catholic and islam.
Those who are wearing miter or in the high position are "always correct" and "cannot and may not be argued".

Yes if they are people with spiritual accomplishment, but to follow this perspective blindly is the same as jeopardizing self.

Well then... as you said: the choice is always of one's own.

PP: so its the 'dress code' that sentient EYES picked up as authority to be followed!

Buddha teaches Wisdom and one of them Discernment is of great import

if one follows blindly then one is not a true student of buddha
these people are just wasting their time n in the end Harm self

YS was pretty shocked by a shijie whose parent is a fashi
when I told her about MD's stroke, she said write to GM for blessing!
this one tells us she trust GM
it also tells us that she has no inkling of Tantrayana and Forms are not required!
I told her we already informed GM n also did dedication of merits by cultivation

BB: This one is a pretty deep concept of faith and tantrayana.
Not digestible for everyone, and those who doesn't learn the fundamentals of tantra.

PP: hehe.  DEEP!

well, most people skimmed the surfaces n think they are well armed already

some even have the misguided view of as long as they follow GM around, attend all the functions hosted by GM,
then will be so well "armed" with the necessaries to achieve Maha Mudra or Maha Perfection!

Actually, it will be better if more choose to walk the Charity route in giving compassionately of their time n money
then they are automatically Member of Buddhas n Boddhisattvas

Dear all, 
In Tantrayana, your Root Guru resides within you at the point when you take refuge with him.
This is what GM said recently in Caotun Temple - he said a new student wrote to request refuge with him. This student placed the request letter on his table and went to bed. In his dream, GM and Golden Mother appeared.
This means effective refuge!

MD was chatting with me and suddenly I noticed her speech slurred.
Looking at her, I found somehow slump to left side.
Picking up her left hand, I found it limp.
I started to chant Guru mantra silently while attending to MD and persuading her to consult with a Medical Practitioner. 
I called hotel reception to get emergency aid from 119.
With the efficient aid of hotel and 119 staff, we got her to hospital within 30 minutes of her stroke.

We are fortunate that majority of people in Caotun is up in Tiger Hill at Caotun LZS preparing to celebrate GM's birthday.

My companions and myself missed the event that day, as we stay by MD's side from about 2pm to 8pm. 

GM is always with us, smoothening our paths and everything got settled for MD quickly.
Her siblings flew in at 1am and arrived at the hospital at 4am.
When I visited MD on Monday at 10am., her condition has stabilized and she should be home by Saturday. With GM's blessing, she has no need for surgery too.

My companions and myself chanted lots of Guru mantra, High King Avalokitesvara Sutra, 100 Syllables mantra in dedication to MD and her Karmic Negatives of all times.
I also shared with my companions how to visualize GM healing MD's hemorrhage by erasing all evidence of illness.
Visualize that MD eventually shines brightly with golden-yellow light, which is Good Health.

I recall a fashi, Lian Jin, wrote in Facebook comment in criticism of me.
He said if I feel that I am wronged by Core, then I should go see GM personally and get GM to clear up all Wrongs.

I replied: In Tantrayana, you think you still need GM's physical presence in order to communicate with GM?


This fashi,, LJ, has no inkling of what is Guru Yoga, agree?

An effective and diligent cultivator can invoke GM and any yidam at Will 随意!
Likewise, this cultivator can Execute at Will and at Ease too. 任运自如.

Remember Reading You or Your Mind? 
All from your Body Speech Mind!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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