Saturday, May 31, 2014

清者自清,迷者自迷!The Pure Self-Purifies, The Lost Self-Deludes!

The Chinese proverb of the article's title, means those that are Pure stays Pure as they can Self Purify.
Those that are Lost stay Lost as they delude themselves!

This is yet another topic assigned few days ago.

I have been pondering about what am I going to share with it. :)

One good example to illustrate this topic is GM's experiences through these years.
With many Ignorants hurling Insults; Slanders; Threats of Violence; at him for the past decades!

GM said many times that all these doesn't bother him an iota!
The Truth always Triumph over Lies & Falsehood! :)

YES! GM sets the greatest example when dealing with Ignorants and their foolish ways!

Likewise, the Saga that Core initiated against Lotuschef has proven their Ignorance which led to Jealousy and Aversion to eliminate their version of Lotuschef, using their version of TBS!

Hahaha! Quite a mouthful?

Dear all, remember to always bring along the 4 Noble Truths with you and Don't Leave Home without It!

The above is placed in a Dharma-chakra pattern. 

Using the 8 Fold Noble Path well, One actually is Turning the Dharma Chakra for the benefit of all beings! :)

Chart 2:
One develops wisdom with Right Thought & View!

Morality in Right Speech, Action & Livelihood.

For Meditation - Right Efforts, Mindfulness & Concentration.

Do not complain when you are being labelled An Ignorant!

Think & Ask Yourself: Am I?

If you spread words or rumors that are untrue & also with evil intent to decimate anyone, and without employing or referring to the 8 Fold Noble Path first, YOU ARE TRULY A GREAT IGNORANT!
Most time, you really do not need to act at all!

Many followed blindly what these Ignorants do too!
They also see what they want to see! :)
The Ignorant Honcho or Mafia boss exhibits Forms of Status & Authority, so just follow.

Most in TBS think, GM didn't stop them or refute these Mafia Bosses!


If you armed yourself well with the 4 Noble Truths and its associating 8 Fold Noble Path, you will realized that GM shared the Truths and REFUTED or REVEALED these wrongs of the Mafia bosses all the time in his speeches!

Your greatest loss is not being able to comprehend GM's statements and believe in Falsehood!

To escape from these Ignorants, you need Diligent Efforts to Seek the Truths!

You can truly pay attention to GM's sharings or Walk into Pure Karma!

Hahaha! Am I advertising Pure Karma, as in Team founded by Lotuschef?

Not actually!

Pure Karma = Purify One's Body Speech Mind!

Don't have to physically join Lotuschef at all!
Although you might benefit from blogs of Lotuschef or Pure Karma Vihara. :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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