Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happiness is the key to success?

Some one sent me a video labeled as VID 20140507 - WA 0000.mp4.

Then the following messages:-
19:01  Happiness....
19:02  Happiness is the key to success.
19:02 :)

The video shows scenes from various walks of life and their pursuits and finally end with words: Happiness.

Question: Happiness is the key to success, do you agree?

From Japanese drama - Alice no Toge Episode 3

Bandai sensei said these to a reporter:-
Do you have Proof?
If you don't have Proof, the Truth doesn't exist either.

hahaha! I am crazy again and went off on a wild tangent?

From certain Individuals' perspectives, Happiness seems to be their Ultimate Goal!
However, Each Individual's definition of Happiness also varies infinitely from another.
So what Truly is Happiness to A, to B, to C, .....?

Now Proof is just like Happiness, agree?
Proof for A, doesn't mean it can be applied to B or C, and so on.....

Now in an always able to confuse sentient minds view: Buddha Dharma doesn't exist, it exist for a purpose only.
Likewise, everything is Void of nature!

Success? Truth?

Reducing them to Void is what a True Yogi does!

Success or Truth to a True Yogi is Ultimately Void of Nature!
Therefore, don't put too much of your chips [as in betting] on Tangibles and Intangibles.

Am I crazy?
Not exactly!
Hahaha! I am crazier than crazy!

WHY? Because most won't be able to comprehend my view shared above!

The Void of nature principle is something as GM Lu said, can't tell, because hard to explain.
One needs to achieve Guru Yoga to truly understand the Void or the Universe.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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