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4 Noble Truths 四圣谛 - Facebook Group 不可說之說

The above showing Grandmaster Lu meticulously and compassionately giving blessing to students after dinner on 17 may 2014 at Caotun Temple.

Facebook Group 不可說之說


‧ 理性建議與討論, 分享自己看法及觀點。
‧ 請勿批評或漫罵,以及人身攻擊。
‧ 每個人觀點不同, 請勿強迫他人接受自己的看法。
‧ 不涉及政治議題。(討論宗務或宗派新聞違反政治中立原則例外
‧ 社團管理者有權將遭檢舉或不適當之發言/文章停權或刪除
‧ 嚴禁張貼具誹謗性、猥褻性、騷擾性、恐嚇、違法、侵權之訊息
‧ 嚴禁任何商業行為,散發廣告或宣傳

I was added to the above group which title means [Talking about matters that can't be talk about].

金英慧 is the founder of this group chat.

The above list out the rules that each member should abide by when sharing [一些不一樣的思維] 
-means unique thoughts.

1. To suggest or discuss objectively One's viewpoints
2. refrain from criticizing or scolding, or personal attack
3. as each individual has their own viewpoint, please do not force yours upon others
4. do not get involve in political mattes - except those pertaining to School's or those news of School that violate the Unbiased principle
5. the group administrator has the right to delete all unsuitable articles or posts at its discretion 
6. Strictly prohibits posting of hostile nature such as slander, defamation, provocation,  threats, illegal, rights infringement.....
7. Strictly prohibits all posts that are commercial in nature 



我完全了解大家想親近根本上師的心情(因為我也想),但大家有沒有想過,這樣對師佛的身體好嗎? 師尊是佛,師尊知道弟子想親近祂,師尊慈悲、祂順大家的願,但我們身為弟子是否也該為根本上師身體著想呢?


我們身為弟子無權要求師尊可以做什麼、不可以做什麼,但我們可以以身作則,不要再一個分堂、一個分堂的輪流辦餐會,不能聯合起來辦嗎?[can't they combine and arrange dining functions?]



This one above, I am sure many fellow students that TRULY Care for Grandmaster Lu have like sentiments. That is do not exhaust Guru or wears him down with private agendas.

Hahaha! Many students proclaimed their love and respect for our Root Guru.
But many students also selfishly THINK that they need to grab the chance of dining with Guru before he retires.

The author of the above has a good point in saying because of "guru's pending retirement" , the dining functions increased despite Guru announcing his displeasure of these functions which infringes on his leisure time and tiring him out.

Pending Retirement - No fixed date yet! 

Now lets look at this matter Objectively and with your knowledge of Buddha Dharma too. :)

Employing the Four Noble Truths

Think: Why does One thinks that they need Guru's Physical Presence?

Reflect: Guru said those are cultivate diligently and well are just beside me and those that don't are very far from me, even though they are physically beside me or in close proximity to me.

Cause: The Truth about Cultivation of Buddha Dharma & Tantrayana's concepts are lacking in most that go for the Physical or Forms that they can See; Hear; Touch!

Solution: Learn and armed Self with authentic Buddha Dharma and practice accordingly in One's everyday life.

So the solution is Education! 
However, in this case, Buddha Dharma can only be accepted and utilized by those with Affinity with Buddha and Affinity also varies with Individual's karmic influences!

Sounds pretty contradictory? 


However, it is good that there are students that continue to voice their concern for Grandmaster's well being. I also hope that more students will come forward and voice and also put into action their love and care for Grandmaster Lu and halt the exhausting and frivolous functions that benefit the organizers' or Grandmaster's care-givers' pockets only!

** please go watch the video of 17 May 2014 event.
Notice that GM is very tired looking at the start of the event but he brightens once into the cultivation. The large amount of books to sign and acceptance of individuals' hada offering, probably after yet another "Lunch" entertainment arrangement (GM arrived at about 2pm.) surely wears any healthy individual out!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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