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Repentance Practice 忏悔法 – Saying Sorry 说对不起 [2]

Many people practice 4 Preliminaries or Vajrasattva Repentance Sadhana regularly and for some daily too.
The sad part is most do not truly know what they are doing during these practices!
Not Kidding!
I am Telling the Truth as It Is! :)

17 May 2014

[Morning: At the hotel's dining hall.]
A VM came in, sighted me and I greeted her good morning.
She walked around the serving tables and stood beside me.
She asked: Are you Ok?

I said: Of course.

She said: Are you having a hard time with what Core is doing to you?

I said: Why shouldn't I be OK?

She added: You sure you are alright?

I said: I am fine, truly. What Core choose to do won't affect me at all as they are going at the wrong person.

Then I noticed that she has a stiff neck and offered to share with her a few simple exercises to relieve the discomfort resulting from a Stiff neck.
She looks as if I am going to touch her and got spooked!
She probably heard rumors of my having Transcendental Powers and sad to say she showed she has no understanding of Authentic Buddha Dharma and Dharma Power at all!

A True or Authentic Buddha or Boddhisattva Will NEVER HURT ANY BEING!

[After I left the dining hall.]
One of the student, AA, accompanying me was approached by a group of students.
BB, one of them asked: The fashi that just left is Lotuschef?
AA: Yes.

BB: O! She is good. What she writes is very powerful and daring to tell the Truths.
This legal suit and the money collected by Core, is it genuine or not?

** To interested parties: If the Law suit proceed as Core instigates, the TRUTH as it is will not be too palatable for Core Chairperson and Guru's ex-wife, VM Lian Xiang.
WHY? Go find out the Truth for yourselves! :)
Lots of Private Agendas in this matter.

[Afternoon : At Caotun Temple's main hall.]
A fashi walked up to me and said: You wreck great chaos as per Core and they circulated your photo around Warning all to stay away from you!

See? The Truth Will Out! 水落石出,真相大白!

When Lian Wang and Lian He approached me in Rainbow Temple, Seattle last year after fire puja, they denied knowledge of circulating my photo around Seattle Temple, Seattle.

Lying is breaching one of 5 Major Precepts too!

Well this fashi said that I should cool it and not quarrel with Core.

Guess what?

I said: You can "SEE", so you can also see what is on stage with Guru all the time!
Isn't it an Animal Zoo beside Shizun?

He was silenced!

[Early evening: At the Dining Hall in Caotun Temple]
A Fashi sighted me and he said: Why are you here?
They said you are no longer in TBS.
I also heard that Shicheng and Singapore LZS don't want you!

Now this Fashi has a big problem too!
He is not in possession of any Truths and didn't bother to ascertain the Truth.
His information or rumors, all Words of Mouth and No Truth in them!

I remember telling Guru that I do not concur with the way Cultivation is done in the local chapters and I want out!
Guru then let me set up Pure Karma in 2010.
By early 2011, I have completely left all the local chapters behind.

Shicheng spread words to fellow students that I will be present at their special event without my knowledge too.
I told them that my boy has to undergo surgery and I won't be able to attend any of their function hence too.
Yet they tell students that I will be present!

It was only when I met a fashi that I knew of this duplicity!
He said why I promised to lead the chanting of Casket Seal Dharani and Usnisa Vijaya Dharani and never showed up!
Shicheng made me a Liar stealthily!

I also heard that they went round saying that I demand huge fees for my presence at their events!

Lies are One's Own too!
Do not go around telling Untruths!
Please Save Yourself but ascertaining the Truths for your own salvation!
You have no need to stand up in my support as well, because Lies hurt the Ones that churned them and Never Me or anyone else! :)

As to Sg LZS, I am very close to chairperson and she requested my help for leading cultivation on Tuesday and or Thursday.
Like the chapter in Ipoh Malaysia, I declined because of Core's announcement of delisting me from Reverend's list.
I didn't want anyone to come under bombardment from Unreasonable beings wielding their misguided weapons at innocents!
I have to add though, even if their weapons are hopeless to me, others might be intimidated if they lack true understanding of Buddha Dharma!

So this item is Core's doing, nothing to do with me! :)

I remember advising Core's chairperson and all with him to SAY SORRY to:
  1. Root Guru
  2. All they have Hurt!
  3. Their Individual Self
  4. I also said that I do not need them to say Sorry to me! :)

  1. They negated Root Guru's teachings
  2. They lied and cheat and hurt others using their Self perceived Statuses
  3. Karma be it good or bad is Always One's Own!
  4. I void all and therefore no need to say sorry to me!

There is no evidence of any Buddha's Wisdom seen in the VM and the Fashi above, agree?

Why do One need to distant Self from anyone as dictated by 3rd party?
You handed over your Life and subsequent fate to this party?

Remember that GM taught us [一心不乱] ~ A heart staying unaffected or refrain from chaos.

Can you?

Yes! If you are a genuine Buddha's student and armed with Authentic Buddha Dharma!


Saying sorry to Self is of Utmost importance as Self is the one that One needs to succor from Infinite Samsara!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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