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两头蛇 Two Headed Snake

These snakes above are born like these!

Life Is Confusing For Two-Headed Snakes
Hillary Mayell
for National Geographic News

Updated March 22, 2002

The two-headed monsters of myth may have a basis in reality. Two-headed snakes are rare but not unheard of, and one recently found in Spain is giving scientists an opportunity to study how the anomaly affects their ability to hunt and mate.

Now another meaning for 2-headed snake is a person that creates trouble between different parties for Mischief or Malicious Intent. 
Most does this to boost self importance or currying favor.
Going around showing they are in the know of many matter, secrets, and etc. of others and revealing them to interested parties to create Disharmony!

Spy B, recounted what he saw to VM Y, I got a scolding because of his tales.
I was folding paper lotuses in Lotus Light Charity with a group of senior citizens that are regular volunteers. 
A couple came to consult me, recommended by their neighbor, who is also a regular volunteer.
They lost their son recently.
I told them their son is given to them and he has a mission to fulfill.
He needs to propagate Buddha Dharma. 
As he is an only son born to an elderly couple, tradition forbids him to be a monk, thus severing the Line or descendants.
Even being a strong swimmer, he drowned.

The point now:- They handed me a red-packet as token of appreciation.
I was busy with lotus folding and told them to drop the red-packet into the donation box behind them. 

I was called to task for this matter and bombarded without a chance to find out why and what I have done wrong!

VM Y said that I teach people to donate to Lotus Light Charity instead of Gongyang or giving offering to Sanghas which include fashi and VMs.

He said that I being rich don't need these gongyang, but other fashi and shangshi need them.

I wonder when I supposedly taught anyone not to gongyang fashi and shangshi!!!

Spy B, has not reported the Truth and when he is around me, he shared many "secrets" of others too.

I wonder what is so wrong as to donate to Lotus Light Charity too?

Dear all, VM Y lost his chapter as it is closed by the local authorities.
His chapter or himself has violated certain laws.

As to Spy B, he was the one that tried to "educate" me, hurling VM Y's verses at me and entire speeches of GM too.

Before my ordination - He was the one that believed VM Y's words that I have Astral powers and carted me along to do cleansing of a flat that he is trying to sell!
O! He don't know how to use the Varja Bell & Dorje for this purpose too!
He also told me to sit behind him during cultivation and see whether he is doing Samadhi right or not.
And he invited me to visit ASTRALLY his residence at about 7:20am each morning, around the time he does Samadhi. He said he will tell his Dharmapalas to "Let me in" !

Hahaha! Interesting?
These are all documented in this blog too!

See why I declared that I only listen to Root Guru, GM Lu?

O! Core delisted me from reverend's list because of my declaration of listening only to GM! Hahaha!

From all the articles in this blog, documenting my experiences with so called Authority, need I give them any time of day?

Recently, someone brewed a storm and decimating the people that she urged on to a confrontation. 
Thinking that she is cleared of involvement, she continues to stay within the group that she expelled her bosom friends from!

Hahaha! She played right into GM's hands!
GM already predicted the outcome few years back!

GM knows all and knows best!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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