Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Repentance Practice 忏悔法 – Saying Sorry 说对不起 [1]

Terjemahan Indonesia: Sadhana Pertobatan – Mengucapkan Penyesalan [1]

Photos courtesy of Lotus Sean.

Pure Karma's  member did Cultivation of Vajrasattva's Repentance or 4 Preliminaries at Lotus Sean's residence on 17 May 2014.

During the Repentance Vows and Mantra:-
Some student said I taught them to visualize that cultivator is in prostration with both palms supporting Guru's feet reverently.
This is Incorrect.

Another said he visualized Vajrasattva continues to bless with immense light.

However, the Visualization portion is not as important as the very motive of doing Repentance!

I recalled fellow student's reply to my asking her why she always say: Sorry!

Her reply: Sorry means I am Humble.


One's Body Speech Mind reveal the Truth of Oneself!

Now Grandmaster Lu states that in saying Sorry, One must first fully comprehend what One has done that resulted in One having to say Sorry!
Also after this Sorry, One must never repeat the same Unwholesome deed or act to the Detriment of anyone!

If you don't know what you are sorry for, but continue to say "Sorry", you are very superficial and also have no sincerity, therefore You will repeatedly perform Unwholesome deed or act for benefit of Self and Detriment of others!

I have shared the above points many times when we are cultivating Repentance practices but seem not everyone has picked up the True Purpose at all!

When things go wrong for you, LOOK INWARDS and Not point fingers at Others!

For those with heaps of Karmic negatives and even with Attached Spirits within them, Authentic Buddha Dharma does not seem to "Sink" into them at all too.


Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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