Thursday, May 8, 2014

Massive Landslide Buries Remote Afghan Village

Last Friday, in Afghanistan's mountainous northeastern province of Badakhshan, an enormous landslide took place, burying much of a small village, and killing hundreds. Officials say that at least 300 residents of Abi Barik village were killed, but are uncertain about exact numbers, cautioning that the final number could be 500 or more. Rescue teams gave up hope on Saturday of finding any survivors, focusing energy on helping the hundreds suddenly made homeless. Many of the surviving families have struggled to get aid. Some have gone to nearby villages to stay with relatives or friends, while others have slept in tents provided by aid groups.

An aerial view shows the site of Friday's landslide that buried Abi Barik village in Badakhshan province, northeastern Afghanistan, on May 5, 2014. Afghan officials said they plan to build new houses for hundreds of families made homeless by a landslide that entombed a northeastern village and killed at least 300 people, perhaps as many as 2,700. (Wakil Kohsar/AFP/Getty Images) 
An aerial view shows the site of the landslide that buried Abi Barik village on May 5, 2014. Hundreds of people were killed in a horrific landslide and authorities are trying to help the 700 families displaced by the torrent of mud that swept through their village. The families left their homes due to the threat of more landslides, Minister for Rural Rehabilitation Wais Ahmad Barmak said.(AP Photo/Rahmat Gul) # 

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