Saturday, May 10, 2014

Telling the Truth as it is - Purifying or Blessing Anyone or Anything

A: hi, i posted the pure & bless offering video as an article. please go put one in Media centre too!

Its fun watching and tell you all the truth, only D can & his second round when he concentrates
Thu, 11:36 PM

B: i have added the link to the Media Centre but can't embed the video therein and the same with the 9-cycle buddha breathing, since R do not list the video publicly so this video can't be searched through the Search Box

if you want people to be able to look for it, without having to click from the article/media centre, you can ask R to list (open publicly) the related video
Fri, 1:07 PM

A: I think it is best that they view video thru our link. cos we have a not liable clause. 
Use at own risk - clearly stated.
like the 9-steps breathing, Y said he do until his abdomen pain. he didn't do it well

the more they want to do fast the higher the risk of hurting self & inner system

just like the one-finger Zen if didn't highlight the keys of doing the exercises

fortunately, there are plenty of videos available from the web and I have seen some to get an idea

remember in KL i stressed to put feet parallel?

then timing is all wrong as : breathe In & quickly Out . the In and out must time well so as to achieve a regular rhythm & one slowly relaxes

Seem hard to teach some as they can't understand and retain for posterior use
Fri, 6:48 PM

B: oh well
ya tak boleh tahan
Fri, 11:57 PM

A: thats why SZ said that there are people who has different levels of potential for cultivation
some somehow figure out how to easily & some are shown "videos" of what to do!

however, some like those that understand chinese can't catch a word SZ shares & what more retain for use.

B: lol only you, the one very noisy in front of deities during fire puja

never seen other like you during puja
play play with deities and people around :) 

A: Hahaha! Just had the same thoughts too! it is as if I am SZ & words just come out into my mind

like SZ said: remember each one has potential for cultivation?

B: ya

A: Yoga with Guru is a very complex thingy which like Stepping into Flower adornment sutra and realm

B: some take 40 years and still at the same point

A: Once stepped in, never leave anymore

There is something about the sutra and me! Hahaha! We somehow "MATCHED" perfectly

well, who will teach purifying or blessing offering one by one & also check whether they can really draw light to do so?

hehe! Thats how to use Heavenly eye n not to Wen-shi pandering to ignorants that can pay!

the video of purifying will shock many though that I conduct this type of teaching!!! hehe

B: yes indeed

aih you nailed it with the statement that not many vms can do that as well

it is scary actually when they just put a show in front of everyone

A: thats why no yidams come lol

B: even when participants are many?
and the shuwen isn't effective either?

A: else SZ won't specifically said: if your root guru, yidam, dharmapala don't come, then u are in dire danger
Well, i remember SZ asked me: the yidams who invoke one?

So if I don't go then they can't invoke yidams lol!

i immediately stopped attending any VMs sessions in SG & also elsewhere

also those dharma speaker & etc, also I don't go liao

B: makes me wonder because someone said to me:

it's okay even if the one leading cultivation is a fake one, as long as you come and cultivate sincerely

my question is: why waste your time then?!

A: yup. why waste time going at all!

someone that can cultivate well, will know to stay away from these fakes

B: now i agree with your statement

A: someone that knows the Heart of Divinities will not have to go cheat others for $$ to maintain their luxurious lifestyle!

B: yes

A: Yes! the at ease and natural manner that I am at fire puja cultivation really shows what Yoga truly is!
One do not need to worry about disrespect for deities or divinities
we are all One
just having some fun time at a party only

B: i thought the same too

A: hahaha! but at first must be serious & cultivate la.

when u understand what you are truly doing then you can "do as you wish"

go see the video some more & tell me whether each one can or cannot draw light n do purification!

Let this also be a lesson that you can go analyze each one. :)

Dear all, 
It is shocking to find out now that the events in which you attended, most are For Show Only! :)
The one that led the cultivation Unable to Invoke Root Guru and of course without Root Guru's presence, all Deities or Divinities will not bother to Grace any events with their presence too!

Now realized why I said to ALL, You just need to listen to your one & only Root Guru?

Hahaha! Wake up already?

I sincerely hope so! 

Wenshi 问事 - Consultation of personal matters???
Don't waste your money and time! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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