Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pure Karma Charity for Afghanistan Land Slide Victims

Pure Karma will do charity Bardo services for the Victims of this disaster on 13 May 2014 during our Fire Puja event in celebration of Vesak Day from 2pm. 

Afghan villagers search for the bodies amid debris of their houses which were destroyed in a landslide in Argu village, Badakhshan province Photo: EPA/MUHAMMAD SHARIF

(Reuters) - Afghan President Hamid Karzai visited a refugee camp for victims of a deadly landslide on Wednesday, trying to calm villagers angered by the slow delivery of emergency aid and an initial government refusal to help retrieve bodies.

More than 4,000 villagers were displaced by Friday's disaster, which buried some 300 homes in the northern village of Aab Bareek in up to 50 metres of mud, killing hundreds, and left nearly 700 other houses uninhabitable.

Aid agencies have rushed tonnes of emergency supplies to the capital of Badakhshan province but distribution has been hindered by scuffles between the victims, the poor from nearby villages and security forces.

Afghan landslide survivor describes 'ocean of dirt' engulfing village
Rescuers say they fear no-one will be pulled alive from 90ft of mud and death toll may reach 2500 in remote north-eastern region

The spring rainy season had already brought death and destruction to northern Afghanistan. For days, flash floods had ripped through high mountain valleys and still the downpour would not stop.

On Friday, the waterlogged mountainside above the remote village of Ab Barak could take no more, sending a torrent of mud crashing through hundreds of homes, burying thousands of people.

Rescue teams who arrived on Saturday said they faced impossible conditions, digging through as much as 90ft of mud. Local officials said they feared no-one would be pulled alive from the devastation and that as many as 2500 people may have died.

Rahim was at home on Friday. He was spending his day off alone while his wife and children visited his in-laws across the village. Then he heard what sounded like the end of the world.

It started with a noise like a howling wind, then the crash of falling trees before an echo of screams rang around the village, he said.

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