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Fun-time: Lies 谎言? NO 不是!

Five Eyes - Physical Eye

[ Five eyes (pañca-cakṣu, 五眼).

These are

(1) the physical-eye that a sentient being is born with;

(2) the god-eye that can see anything anywhere;

(3) the wisdom-eye that can see the emptiness of dharmas;

(4) the dharma-eye that can discriminate all dharmas;

(5) the Buddha-eye of omniscience, which includes the preceding four at the highest level

This is precisely how our human eye limits us. We are actually in a dark house, viewing the universe through a very small opening which is our physical eye. Yet we insist that what we see is the complete, real, and true world. ]

3-8-2011 The Light of the Third Eye

CHAPTER 11 - The Light of the Third EyeThere are many monks and Taoist priests of long standing who have misgivings about "spiritual powers." Whenever they hear that someone has seen something, they would give a snort of contempt, believing that someone has been led astray by devils and has hallucinations. Naturally, in "seeing something," there may be illusions caused by nerve disorders and there are people who try to please the public with claptrap. When facts are mixed with falsification, it is hard to distinguish the sham from the genuine.
The rejection of the Third Eye by many monks or Taoist priests is due partly to the difficulty to tell the sham from the genuine and partly to the fact that some practitioners have not yet reached the state of the Third Eye. Since they are not in that state, they think it is impossible. Thus ignorance often gradually develops into malicious slanders on those who have realized.

Five Eyes - Heavenly Eye

It is clear that Buddha realized that although man's ability to see is infinite, that ability is actually limited by the physical eye. However, through years of meditation, Buddha discovered that the barrier of the physical eye can be broken and that the original ability of man to see can be fully developed. When that occurs, there will be no difficulty in extending one's vision as far as the realm perceived by the heavenly eye.

Five Eyes - Dharma Eye

Later, Hui Neng became the Fifth Patriarch's disciple and achieved enlightenment. He became the famous Sixth Patriarch of Zen Buddhism. 
He gave different teachings to persons of different capacities. 
Although there is no such record, I would venture to say that the Sixth Patriarch would have had no hesitation in telling a beginner who requested instruction that

Shen Hsiu: 
The body is a wisdom tree,
The mind a standing mirror bright.
At all times diligently wipe it,
And let no dust alight.

Now, with what kind of eye did Shen Hsiu present his verse? 
With what kind of eye did Hui Neng disagree with Shen Hsiu and present his own verse? 

Hui Neng: 
Wisdom is no tree,
Nor a standing mirror bright.
Since all is empty,
Where comes the dust to alight?

And why, after he had become Sixth Patriarch would he use the one with which he had disagreed before? 
What kind of eye was the Sixth Patriarch employing now?

Five Eye - Buddha Eye

Before I conclude today's talk I would like to tell you another story.

A couple was always at odds with each other. 
Then they heard about the five eyes. 
One day they began to quarrel. 
It looked as if it would be one of their usual arguments with both husband and wife so upset, angry, and frustrated that they wouldn't speak to each other for days. 

Suddenly the husband said, "I am using my heavenly eye now. You are just a skeleton. Why should I argue with a skeleton?" 

The wife kept silent for a while and then burst into laughter. 

The husband asked, "What are you laughing about?" 

The wife said, "I am using my wisdom eye and you've disappeared. Now there is nothing bothering me. I am in shunyata." 

Then they both laughed and said, "Let us both use our Dharma eyes. We are all manifestations, but let's live happily together in this realm."

Dear all, now the Fun begins! :) 

With Different Eyes, each individual sees Differently.

The Verses used by Shen Hsiu and Hui Neng differ as they like the story of the Husband & Wife, employed different Eyes, therefore their viewpoints differed.

All of them are employing some form of Buddha Dharma.

I wrote about the Buddha employing different methods or Dharma to cater or teach Individual as per their intelligent level. This is documented in the Avatamsaka Sutra.

Just like Eyes! 

In one of the above passage, Hui Neng used Shen Hsiu verse to teach certain students.
Like Buddha, Hui Neng, an Enlightened One, teach each individual according to their intelligent level and acceptance rate. 

Similarly, when GM gives Dharma speeches, each individual picks up what GM shares also according to their Intelligent level and acceptance rate.

A student told me he is doing 9-steps breathing technique regularly and he said he is successful.
I told him that he has not brightened up to show success. :)
He argued that he really does well!

Can we say he is lying to me?
NO! because he has yet to Realize what is Successful for 9 steps breathing technique!
However, he is lying to Self,  because he thinks he is successful and Sentient beings tend to relax or halt at the Success level and Pride takes over.

[Suddenly the husband said, "I am using my heavenly eye now. You are just a skeleton. Why should I argue with a skeleton?" 

The wife said, "I am using my wisdom eye and you've disappeared. Now there is nothing bothering me. I am in shunyata." ]

The above is not True!
Heavenly Eye see shapes or silhouette and not skeleton.

The One with Wisdom Eye can disappear from those with Naked Eyes and NOT make others disappear! 
If other party disappeared, means they have attain the Dharmakaya Form 法身! 

What are Lies? 
In Truth, Lies are also very Subjective!
Varies with Individual's Outlook or Sight.

Beware WHO you Lie to, Self or Others or Both!
I am sprouting nonsense? Who Cares?

Cheers All

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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