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Some nice reading - Maha Perfection & Gem Medicine

PK 5:
As GM progresses in Maha Perfection sharing, the light being the essence of anything becomes clearer in everything.

I came upon this page while browsing about Jigme Lingpa, the previous incarnation of GM:

Second, scientists in Austria have discovered that gem medicines -- in essence -- turn into light once ingested. 
You can see an informed discussion of this in the documentary film Das Wissen vom Heilen (1996, releaszed in English as The Knowledge of Healing), including interviews with the scientists involved.

> which means that light dispels darkness and ailments.




Gems are of three categories: (1) human gems, (2) divine gems, and (3) the gems of bodhisattvas.

The gems of humans emit white, yellow, red, blue, and green light and have seven qualities.
Their color purifies; they dispel the antagonistic effects of poisons, spirits, darkness, and swelling; they relieve the suffering of fevers, and they fulfill wishes.

Divine gems share these seven qualities and also are incapable of loss, are lightweight, are perfectly pure, and have the ability to speak.

The gems of bodhisattvas share the foregoing eleven qualities and further, enable the bodhisattva to see the death and rebirth of others. 
They also enable the bodhisattva to see the time of the ultimate liberation of others, and teach in various ways appropriate to the listener.

That is from memory... but, for the life of me, I can't remember the source. When you remember the text but forget the source, it is as if you have forgotten everything.

Closer to hand, we have Desi Sangye Gyatso Rinpoche's Mirror of Beryl, with the following, provocative passage:

"In the tantra it says, 'With gems there is nothing that cannot be dispelled.' 
They are the best remedy for the 404 kinds of illness, especially dual and complex disorders such as poisoning. 
They lengthen life and restore youth. 
Merely by wearing them on the body, you are protected from violent storms, hail, and weapons, and from the eight types of spirits. 
When made use of they close the door to birth in the lower realms."

This passage can be a little bit misleading -- you can take it to refer to gems, or you can take it to refer to gem pills, rinchen rilbu -- and we will come back to this in a moment.

Meanwhile, we now have the door open to discuss gem medicines -- which in the context of Tibetan traditional medicine are associated with the potency of that which is precious (inclusive of precious metals in refined form), and also having a certain indirect overlap into that which possesses the potency of stones, and of earth.

A substantial portion of Tibetan traditional medicine is based upon Ayurvedic medicine.

I think we all understand this.

Ayurvedic medicine, in turn, makes use of gems as healing substances, based in part on their astrological characteristics, but more narrowly based on their color, or quite specifically, the wavelength of emitted light -- a building block, as it were, of the ancient science of healing by chemiluminescence, or so it seems to me.

Nevertheless, the gems used in Ayurveda are nine, corresponding to the seven planets, plus Rahu and Ketu, and these are:

Ruby (Sun)
Pearl (Moon)
Red Coral (Mars)
Emerald (Mercury)
Yellow Sapphire (Jupiter)
Diamond (Venus)
Blue Sapphire (Saturn)
Hessonite (Rahu)
Chrysoberyl (Ketu)

This, I hasten to clarify, is the strict Ayurvedic enumeration as laid out in the received literature. According to the Sushruta Samhita, "They are possessed of sacred prophylactic virtues, and bring good luck to men who wear them, and cleanse their wearers from all impurities." 

The Tibetans whack the subject up a bit differently, but not by much.

Now, associated with each of these is an absolutely enormous body of myth, folklore, and superstition, sufficient to bore one to tears.
I know this, because I have cried over this subject for more than fifty years, having been attracted to the study as a child.

Just as an example, the "pearls" in the above list are not necessarily the aquatic pearls with which we are familiar. Rather, they are a bewildering variety of mutig, or bezoars, inclusive of "pearls" found in plants, snake's heads, and so forth.
The ancient Arabs believed the very best kind to come from the heart of a deer that had been fed on poisonous snakes.

In the photograph above, you see purported "red cobra pearls."
There are firms in Indonesia that specialize in such things, if you are interested, but I cannot promise that the snake "pearls" (sometimes costing thousands of dollars) will be devoid of all oils.

Dear all,
Go read related articles from the above website "With an Open Mind" please.

Also read up the Sariras articles in this blog.

Light is the Essence of everything.
I remember that I wrote an article about every object being a Light Body too.

Of course, the intensity of Light in each object or live subject varies.

Like ghost, they are "dirty pale green" or greyish green.
Taras are a multitude of colors like white, red, yellow, green, .....

The thousand arms and thousands eyes Avalokitesvara appeared as a dark purplish colored light to me. :)

Sharpyinma is golden light. Shown below.

Please be cautious of Fixation & Attachment with regards to "gems" medicine though.

The Key is How to get the Light release in Healing? 

We go back to Qi or Air/Wind energy which are instrumental in Mobilization of Light and the only vehicle for Light Mobilization and "Releases" too. 

People sell scarfs, blankets, rocks, and etc. promoting that these items that have Dharani printed on them or blessed by so & so, have healing abilities or can enhance your health and wealth and so on.
These are Fixation and Attachment that Buddha talked about.
Don't go down these roads, please.

How do you get these items to "release" what you want? 


GM, a Living Buddha, can "Draw" and "Release" these wonderful light to you just by looking at you or having you in his vision astrally!
YES! He has No Need to Physically touch you at all! 

Like reviving a dead fetus in the womb of a student by touching the "stomach".
In my recent article on Alzheimer's disease, in principle, Light too can heal the degenerated brain cells and "pump" life into them.

Of course, the patient themselves can't heal themselves as they do not cultivate Tantra Dharma.

Therefore, these patients or sufferers of Alzheimer's need help from a genuine or true yogi.

Now realize how important it is to cultivate diligently what GM Lu taught and shared!
You stay healthy and keep the doctors away from you too! 
Just like An apple a day keeps the doctors away; daily cultivation also keep the doctors away! :)

This cultivation MUST include a successful round of 9-steps breathing and Samadhi! 

Practice Wisdom of Discernment and break free from Attachment and Fixation please.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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