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Lotuschef at Play – Heart Demon 心魔

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The Heart Demon is an Inexhaustible topic, or shall we say, Immeasurable, as it varies with each Individual.

In Flower Adornment Sutra 华严经, Buddha has Immeasurable ways or channels to succor each Individual too! 

What am I getting at now?
Hahaha! I am sharing my observation of Individuals that I encountered here.
You can also look through photos in this blog and observe each one while doing cultivation too.
Just like the recent session on practicing how to purify offering, each one shows different levels of "success" in their Body Speech Mind too!

External Form:
I remember reading a booklet by and one of the post shared is about How sentient minds perceive External Forms.
Example: People will tend to listen to and believe those "dressed up" as monks, nuns, ..... and not those who really have the know how, who lack these "dressed up" form!

Many take refuge in Triple Gems too without knowing what they are really doing!
Some even went ahead with taking Boddhisattva's vows too! 
Some of this group think that "dressing up" with an extra Drape (brown colored), Elevate their Status in others' eyes. Thinking that they are "A Class above others"!

Like a fellow reverend reprimanded me for not maintaining the Superior status of reverend, and she said I carried Equality too far, failing to barricade fellow students from reverend.

Of course it is those with Inferiority complexes and Instability of mind that think it is crucial for their continued survival to elevate self above others! 

The Heart Demon very obvious, agree?

Abiding Vows:
How many Vowed to cultivate and attain Buddhahood in this lifetime?

Dear all, when you can't meet the vows you made, it becomes Lies.
This is a great breach of the major 5 precepts,  in which Lying/ Cheating is one of them.

Lying or cheating also leads to Intent of Hurting or Harming others, although in Karma's perspective, the One eventually hurt or harmed is Self!  

When you make Big Vows like attaining Buddhahood, you need to plough in equivalent efforts! 
Because you will be subjected to Greater "Demon Test" 魔考, with greater vows! 

The More you Crave, the Higher the Penalties!

Grandmaster Lu vowed to Not leave out anyone to succor.
However he also quantified that Affinity is needed and if not this Lifetime then subsequent ones when Affinity matures.

Literally means, if you do not have the relevant affinity and the relevant diligence and sincerity, we set you aside for now or this lifetime, but won't abandon anyone.

Hahaha! Yes! For those that lack the relevant this visit, you will be succored in another one when your Affinity mature!

My humble suggestion: Always find out the Truth for yourself and not listen to anyone telling you their version or viewpoint of Grandmaster Lu's sharing.

As long as you are willing to learn, A way will be opened for you!

I also wish to remind those that think you can bluff your way through and feign cultivation diligence, please don't waste your time.
No one is interested in your act at all and you are solely responsible for all you do!

When a Yogi keeps quiet, it doesn't mean this One don't or can't know what is happening! :)

Please spend some time reading the Flower Adornment sutra and hope you pick up the necessaries to Break Free and cultivate well! 
The sutra keeps explaining the basic or fundamentals you need.

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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