Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lotuschef in To Tell Or Not To Tell? [1] - The Fox

This has been a dilemma that I frequently encounter! :)

Case 1
In December 2008, 4 months after my refuge with GM Lu, a glance at a lady shocked me as I see a White Fox in her place and she is involved in Illegal activities.
Fellow student, HX, introduced her as his friend.
After the sighting, I asked AC is HX going to marry this lady friend and he said :YES!

Then I told AC about what I saw and asked him to talk to HX somehow.
Hahaha! This wasn't an easy assignment though.

AC said since I saw something, best that I go tell HX the truth.

So I asked HX by beating about the bush to see how serious he is in getting married to this lady.
He said he planned to marry her soon.

Well, I advised him to wait a while and the time is not suitable yet.
Also to help this lady to cleanse some negatives and see the results.

A few weeks past and one day he called me and asked me to go for tea, he said he got some personal matter to discuss with me.

O! I thought he is going to get married to his lady friend, who has a Fox aura!
I was chiding myself for all kinds of Fool for telling HX the entire stuff that I saw in his lady friend!

Hahaha! Guru to the rescue!

HX went to consult a vajra-master of another Tibetan Buddhist sector!
He showed a photo of his lady friend to this VM.
HX told the VM that a shijie (me) he knows said marriage to this lady is not suitable yet.

The VM told him to go ask the Shijie what else she saw and didn't tell you!
VM also said to him to not marry this lady friend at all.

So when I met HX, he told me what the VM said to him and asked me what else did I see and didn't divulged to him.

Well, I had no choice but to tell the Truth of all I saw in his lady friend!

Considering the fact that

1. I am a new student of GM Lu, took refuge 4 months ago.
2. I also don't understand why I can see like this
3. It is a personal and private matter which involves the lives of 2 individuals, One, HX, met for about 1 month plus and the other a lady that I met for the very first & only time
4.What if I make mistake with my sighting?

See next!

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