Thursday, May 15, 2014

鬼Ghost - 锁在时空间 Lock in Time Frame

Korean Drama entitled MIMI

Well, the Korean drama with link above, has a spirit named Mimi, that died in a car accident and because the time was exactly the start of a Solar Eclipse, her spirit is "allowed" to stick close to her boyfriend. She died in his stead.

In the drama, it was alleged that Time lost path and the past and present merges. :)

Hahaha! Now what am I trying to share?

GM wrote about those that commit suicide. He said that if these people's spirits will hang around the place they died and they will enact the whole procedure of taking their lives over and over again, at the same time everyday too!

In the drama, the spirit is locked in and won't leave because of her love for her boyfriend.
There is Attachment here, agree?

Listen to GM's latest speech?
Attributes of MahaVairocana Buddha - Infinite Light and Wisdom and with these can clear infinite suffering of sentient beings.
Also exist Infinitely in All times! 

GM also shared a student's experience.
This student was rushed to hospital for Intestinal Cohesion.
His late wife's spirit kept pestering GM to get up and write Talisman to save him.
The Talisman reach the student well before his request arrived by mail to GM in Seattle.
The student recovered immediately after taking the Talismans, 3 of them.

Another student wrote to GM for refuge taking.
The letter was still on his desk when he went to bed.
He dreamt of GM and Golden Mother!

Divinities are able to transverse Space and Time!

I have written articles on "lost part of spirit".
Sometimes Shock or Great Traumatic experience can somehow cause One to "eject" part of their spirit and they became zombie like, or appear to be dreaming all the time, or living on another plane!
These people have parts of their spirits "locked" into certain Time Frames.

Hahaha! Telling Ghost stories?

Well, I remember GM said ghosts are very territorial too. They don't normally wonder around or into alien territories as they please.

The scary ones that you have to worry about are those that Possessed you or your love ones!
They choose to be within you to control you.
In this case, you didn't lost part of your spirit but acquired One or More spirits to live with you! 

To those that walk further and further away from GM, most of you have more than One spirit that "hopped" into you already!

My suggestion: Cultivate Vajrasattva's Repentance with sincerity and please make sure you won't repeat what you repented for. :)

Remember that You have to put in the relevant efforts of diligence and sincerity for any spirits to leave you or your karmic foes to forgive you! 

Pure Karma will try to schedule extra sessions of Vajrasattva's repentance practice.
If you can't attend, you can register for dedication packs for your karmic foes during our events too.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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