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Lotuschef in Zen Dialogue

Dear all, if you think chatting is gossiping or talking bad about others, please stop reading what follows! 

Alternatively, take it as a Zen Koan and enjoy yourself as you PICK your way along with us on this Journey along the Bodhi Path. :)

Shown above, Lotuschef having a "heart to heart" with a Butterfly!
It is an enlightening chat too with the Light shining around both parties too. :) 
See happiness too!



[  PK7 :alzheimer? Tantrayana is a possible cure
pretty thought provoking? :)

PK 5:yes
there are cures for memory loss
and with the mindset reset or revamped, the sufferer should be able to live longer

PK7: memory loss doesn't erases one's karma

PK 5: hmmm

PK 7: SZ can instill life into a dead fetus, so base on same principle, dead brain cells can be revived too
u like the latest on 2 & tok chef?
2 always has that arrogance n bossy stance that easy to capture from screen! :)
I captured quite a good one right?

PK 5: hahaha, i still don't understand why He loves to be the boss of TBS
if he's down from black magic from certain people, that would be such an embarrassment

PK 7: ignorant obsession!
just like sexual desires!

PK 5:like GM, so many people want to "try" him


PK 5 : have options la actually, he's already near GM and and why would he love to be busy with being the boss lol

PK 7 : mental n physical gratification for a period of time only but they think there is FOREVER!

PK 5 :  i guess the analogy is correct, like sexual desire, sometimes it's mind blowing and unreasonable
what la, he wants to be like DC3 who rules over rinpoches?

PK 7 : mind blowing n unreasonable = lack of Firmness or One Heart steadfast on the Path
Rule over also another poison lol

PK 5 :ya ya, very true

PK 7 : my article - master of above n below Sky remember?
laughing at these ignorants who think ruling over a group or a country is everything!
why give up the chance to be master of the universe??? hahaha

In loosing everything or giving up everything in this realm, One breaks free and become OWNER of All or the Universe

PK 5 : yes, it is the merging with the universe and its interlinking effect

but the difficulties to do that varies among people
that key point of having faith that the teacher will accompany and guide the student is a strong component here

PK 7 : 2 knows his ignorance has been exposed to many and also more are aware gradually too!
the power of the web and 24/7 non stop accessibility too

PK 5 : yes lei
spans the whole world with internet connection actually

PK 7 : so A human can't ever rival God!
he is a mere mortal. and not willing to cultivate!

See how great SZ is? asked me to write Body Speech Mind series
just looking at 2 or studying him on the surface is enough to know he lacks Necessaries for even Yana one

I am thinking about writing about flying crowns n SZ's "Lotuschef"
should I tell them that SZ said I can do it and to go ahead?

PK 5 : lol
haters will always hate
but smart ones will learn something!
why not?!

PK 7 : let it be a warning that they will loose the crowns anytime if they still continue on the path of self destruction

PK 5 : i believe not many can understand that merging with a deity means that both minds are streamlined
but they choose to think from their own perspectives

PK 7 : sometimes telling the Truth or the whole Truth can be a problem as people will seek me out like swarms of bees

PK 5 : you are the internet star lol

PK 7 : without yoga, no one has an inkling of what is a Buddha lol

PK 5 : yes, that's what i mean
they don't know but they think they know

PK 7 : Mustn't reveal too much else SZ will be swarm too with sentient demands

PK 5 : no wonder ignorance albeit being put on the last of the 3 poisons actually is the most dangerous root of all downfalls

ain't GM getting anywhere now? people are swarming him day and night

PK 7 : 2 can save himself only when he kneel to SZ and give up his successor status!
thats his only saving grace

Think if I clearly explain what SZ can do, the situation will be more out of hand la
At present most don't understand what SZ shares and what I SHARED! hehe!

To think 2 can use Tok chef to hurl at me nonsense like I took advantage of students that don't understand chinese language
how dumb can he be? too deluded abut his high n mighty status!
Stuck deeply into sentient mud

PK 5 : too scared therefore he tries so hard to defame you and thus no one believe you
so readable, this is how politicians in this world are warring one another
he just wants you to lose credibility

PK 7 : however, all were shown up as Stupid
also they no knowledge of True Yoga and Buddha Dharma
I am that scary an old lady? hehe

PK 5 : exactly, disciple of buddha with that kind of mentality is a very sad example lol
very very sad
wearing crown and drapes, but still wants to be president
like you said hor, if he but realised being the master of the universe

PK 7 : Ya. Being boss or big brother is of the sentient realm not the heavenly or pureland realm

Making so much hoohah to be named successor! Idiots wasted their own life.
He should really say sorry for the announcement about disciplines:-)
Misleading others n cheating money n other valuables as well.
Lots to return!

PK 5 : aiyoh yessss, has so many to return, amitabha

PK 7 : most would rather stay away from him than accept his apologies or the returns of valuables!

Returning is also a huge problem for him!

its all "eaten" into his face liao la
he is receiving his punishment everytime SZ makes an announcement n also when in public!
the fear factor eats him up badly each time too
he is real scared of me liao!

PK 5 : ya!!!

PK 7 : Looks like he deeply regrets that he attacked me in open with eye witnesses

PK 5 : malu gradually eats him up

PK 7 : he thinks he is so superior that no one dare oppose what more ignore him! :)

he also thinks his crimes won't get expose too n he can continue to bully others at will
should we say that he committed suicide when he attempted to harm me?

PK 5 : yes, it's only a matter of time now
and actually anything is a matter of time too hahaha
either things can be reversed or not

PK 7 : with living buddhas in abundance, how can he sit on the throne n declare himself as 2nd patriarch?

with maha perfection dharma too, things become crystal clear n his garbage has no grounds too
all brought upon him by himself too! :)
he held the knife n kills himself

thats why SZ said watch silently as matters unfold

PK 5 : very true ya, especially for those who don't cultivate, that "watch silently as matters unfold" is a scary scenario

PK 7 : karma can blind one and bar one from authentic buddha dharma
See how  people are about miracles
and like all these n perceive as Power

PK 5 : lol, better into Catholicism when he loves to perceive miracles through intercession

the perception of miracles in vajrayana should be different since it is a byproduct of cultivation, which can lure the practitioner to be attached to.

this is written in the thesis of kobo daishi, i don't remember in which stage

In light of the Dharma, the truths taught in those previous states are but relative or provisional truths, expedient means that are helpful only insofar as they lead one towards this final truth but which can also serve as fetters if one becomes attached to them.
> so true

PK 7 : Yup. You see that SZ feeds us with different goodies as we progress.
N all geared towards the final or ultimate truth n bear much relevance to what he is going to share or shared in recent sessions. A living Buddha's Power! :)

The ignorant that slander me actually showed the world how lacking he is in necessaries! :) ] 

Had Fun?
Pick up something useful?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef 

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