Friday, May 2, 2014

有共鳴嗎?Have Like Sentiments?

Translated by Lama Lotuschef:
[ I, Lu Shziun, have a little feel of sighing:
Buddhism teaches us, Buddhist students the need to be Compassionate,
Towards all or everyone, I develop and give out this Compassionate Heart,
However, after saving or succoring him, He again turn around to harm me,
What to do? ]

The above excerpt was emailed by a fellow student asking me whether I have like sentiments as SZ, in the above statements. :)

From SZ's words, it seems the student betrayed him previously, thats why he used word 又-means again.

Do not be mistaken that SZ regrets saving this person again & again.

Remember Karma is one's own.

What a True Yogi and Living Buddha will do is to Keep Saving and the rest is not important and doesn't matter, that is Not for Self always!

When you are always for Self, you will find that what you are grasping is Thin Air eventually!

Lotuschef at Play - Hanging Onto 5-Buddhas Crown

In this article above, the Truth about 5-Buddha Crown is never important to all those who crave it! 
The crown to most Sentient minded beings denote Elevated Status, Power to control and dictate, Power to seize others' possession and hard work; Power to Eliminate at will, .....


[SZ immediately called: Lian Chu! [Lotuschef]
I looked blankly at SZ.

Hahaha! I am silently communicating with SZ that I am not responsible for the crowns flying into the Fire!
In short: "I didn't do it, SZ."]

If you understand Maha Perfection Dharma that SZ shared so far, there is more to this extract above! :)  Hahaha!


1. Remember that SZ knows All!
2. Why did SZ immediately called: Lian Chu?
3. Who put this vision of flying 5-Buddhas crowns in my mind?
4. Now, with what Intent?
5. What was SZ's expression during the course of this silent chat with Lian Chu?
6. Is this a premonition of happening about to surface?

Dear all, no mater what Core and its chairman choose to instigate and slander Lotuschef with, SZ's statements very clearly refuted all Core's and its chairman's words, agree?

Is SZ giving me a lesson in "cleaning up" the bad eggs in TBS by "taking away" the much coveted 5-Buddhas crowns?

Hahaha! Go figure!

A kind word to those that want to hang on to the 5-Buddhas crown atop your heads, Best Turn over a new leaf and BE GOOD! :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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