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六神通的符 Talismans for 6 Transcendental Abilities

Source: 蓮生活佛 > 師尊文集 > 247_蓮生符 > 六神通的符圖騰

Avatamsaka sutra states:
Dharma Nature is solitary void, nothing to take nor see, when nature is void that is Buddha, cannot have any thoughts or consideration.

6th Patriarch said:
All dharma do not leave self nature. Self nature Self know, self see, self realise, self succour.

I personally believe that:
Cultivation till internal and external become crystal clear, once surfaced from one's own heart, wisdom attained stage of eliminating surroundings, just like seeing Buddha when a flower blooms, also like waking from a dream, suddenly a spread of brightness appears, heavens above and earth below, nowhere to hide.

I say:  This is Transcendental abilities/Psychic power that naturally surfaced.

I believe that the 6 Abhinna also have Talisman code, I specially drew them.

一、神通:出入自如,神通變化,十法界,來來去去。(見圖 1 )
1. Divine Foot ability: unlimited mobility through all 10 dharma realms from divine transformation. (Picture 1)

二、天眼通:心竅大開,山河大地如同掌紋,上看四聖二十八天,下看六道三途。(見圖 2 )
2. Heavenly Eye ability: When Heart chakra opens fully, mountains are great earth are like patterns on palm, seeing 4 saintly 28 heavens above, 6 paths 3 routes below. (picture 2)

三、天耳通 Heavenly Ear ability:聞十法界的法音,如耳邊音。遠近十方,佛國淨土,諸尊法語,皆能悉知。這是天耳的境界。(見圖 3 )

四、他心通 Divine ability to know others mind :洞鑒十方眾生,知他心內隱微之事,意念一起,了了先知。
(見圖 4 )

五、宿命通 Divine ability to know Fate or destiny:觀透三世、十世、百世、五百世、無數劫之因因果果。
(見圖 5 )

六、漏盡通 āsavakkhaya:一切有漏全盡,無上、無等等。
(見圖 6 )

These 6 talismans, all can be use uniquely.
BUT need one to have cultivated to [High Levels] then can use.

If truly want to understand, need to ask a true or authentic one that has affirmed Path & Nature, their gem-like auspiciousness, cannot be told.



GM Lu can share all dharma paths without holding back! :)

BUT, Can you truly use them EFFECTIVELY?

What is the KEY given by GM Lu here to unlock the 6 Abhinna?

He quoted from Avatamsaka sutra and 6th Patriarch & also gives a summarised version as explanation.

Once again, can use or not, all dependent on whether you have the relevant foundations and levels you have diligently built!

Happy New Year! 

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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