Wednesday, February 17, 2016

故友 Old Friend

Yesterday, while in meditation, an old friend appeared in my vision.

Ah! He's the son of a business associate of my late father.

I met him in HK sometime in late 1978, on a business trip with my mom.
Then he came over to Singapore and stay for about half a month.
My eldest brother and myself entertained him.

We got along pretty well as he is about our age, I think about 3 years older than me and one year older than my brother.

I still remember his recounting how he swam across from mainland China to Hong Kong.

He said he had lots of ginger tied around his waist to chew on to keep warm.

I remembered that he weren't taught certain topics in Mathematics like "squares and squares root" and etc.
So even the knowledge imparted differs from class to class.
This class system is based on Red & Black with different grades or levels dependent on one's ancestral wealth level. The Wealthier they are previously, the lower their class levels. Thus giving the poor population an advantage over the previously wealthy.


I was explaining the symbols on the electronic calculator to him and their usages!

I knew that he took over management of his dad's businesses soon after his visit to Singapore.

O! It seems that I was real blur!

He came to Singapore to court me! :)

I was told that by my mom, as she was asked by a mutual business associate that wanted to match make.

He was told that I have a steady boy friend but he said he still want to try.

Years later, when my younger sister started a business in the same line as my dad's, this friend had married his clerical assistant and she was not cooperative and reluctant to do business with my sister!

Then someone told her that the one that her spouse went to Singapore to court is the older sister, The Big Ms Poon - 潘大小姐, and not Second Ms Poon -  潘二小姐.

Now, back to the vision.
Why did this old friend appeared?

I asked GM Lu and he said to wait and see.

In the vision, this friend don't look sickly or unhappy.

So lets wait for further visions.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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