Monday, February 29, 2016

无上的[礼物]Topmost [Gift]

2/28/16, 4:30 pm
AA: the sermon has begun

BB: ok. I dont think will have much sermon lol

AA: yes

BB: cos GM already explained about Heruka

AA: gm is performing the healing

BB: ya. how to finish at 6pm? so this healing is better

AA: :)

BB: need at least one hour for abhiseka too! 
most ppl prefer this to the useless speeches by VIPs

AA: there were the dances etc before the ceremony
hope they don't drag it too long

BB: ya. but the dinner program also have performances like last year

AA: hmmm yes hor

BB: ya. so can't end too late lol
this is also a wonderful way to help all chant mantra n they are actually getting abhiseka if they focus visualisation n chant mantra n form mudra! :)
AA: yes. instead of walking through the banner

BB: same as abhiseka
as this way more can focus lol
hehe! GM is real compassionate to share n help more get the goodness!

the operative is ONE MUST BE FOCUS & do mudra visualise n mantra
thats how immeasurable and wondrous if Tantrayana! :)

AA: yes hor

BB: hehe! How many realised how great is this blessing

AA: :)
Sun, 4:48 PM
BB: talking about bardo form n the numerous officials of WEN n Wu 
wow! the enter me n me enter is that important hor
Merging! most can't do

AA: yes hor. absorption

BB: hehe! this projection of self into great brightness or yidam, I taught you all to tour heavens!
same method

AA: oh this part is crucial

BB: ya. the seed syllable
2 chances only!

AA: otherwise the mirages will bog them down

BB: yup. thats why just focus on Root Guru already enough for all

AA: indeed

Sun, 5:12 PM
BB: Hahaha! One is enough!

AA: hahahaha yes

BB: i just told u must focus on Root Guru

AA: yi ge shangshi

BB: one yidam n one dharmapala
n Root guru can be all of these 3 too!

AA: yi ge benzun, yi ge fufa
root guru is the combination

BB: really no need to go get abhiseka of so many lol

AA: guru padma also said that

2/28/16, 5:31 pm   Before Abhiseka - Commentary on the Shrine

BB: now promoting the goodness of the shrine they build
but the promises not true for all that do as they said

AA: were they talking about the circumambulation?

BB: yup
also entering it too

AA: reminded me of what bodhidharma said in his sermon
it is circumambulate your own self

BB: self is the stupa liao

AA: yes, self is the stupa

BB: hehe!

AA: precious sermon

BB: I shared that sermon

AA: yes, have translated all of them too
i guess many people also opposed bodhidharma in his time
he was honest

BB: see? translating them benefits self first and then all those who put in sincere efforts to read n understand lol
really no need to care what others think or say too

AA: yes
Sun, 5:48 PM


Practicing all six periods of the day and night means constantly cultivating enlightenment among the six senses and persevering in every form of awareness.
Never relaxing control over the six senses is what’s meant by all six periods.

As for walking around stupas, the stupa is your body and mind.

When your awareness circles your body and mind without stopping, this is called walking around a stupa.


GM keeps sharing [Leave form], [Let go], [Break free], [One flavour], [decisive break away], etc.

Have a look at those students beside GM is enough!

GM said: Those by my sides have yet to [Yoga with me]!

Great thanks to GM pointing out Zen Patriarch Boddhidharma's Break Through Sermon!

This [ Leave TBS] finally can rounded perfectly declare a closing!

**Break Through Sermon - also can be said to be a [Form] breaking thesis or theory.


GM Lu said that HE is giving all blessing and all present chant Guru's & Heruka's mantra.

However, this "Blessing" is the topmost method or dharma to help more!

Now Think: when you are walking through the Abhiseka Banners, do you truly focus on Mudra, Visualisation & Mantra?

OR - you are too preoccupied with ensuring items you holding touch the Abhiseka banners?

Like presenting the Hada, you can also do so wherever you are and no need to be with GM Lu's physical presence too! 

Circumambulation of the Shrine?
Why affixed any nature or "power" to a physical structure or Form, like a shrine?

Study the [Break through Sermon] and you can cultivate Tantric Dharma very very well! :)

No efforts No gains!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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