Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Lion Roars Again 狮子再吼


CC: hihihihi
I remember my friend who admired him said:
he likes to be in his room and rarely comes out, only for presiding over the puja
so he studies and is doing his research all day long

which means that, even studying needs some kind of good karma to get the benefit of what is being studied
and your article just nailed him hor :) :)

BB: he is always sick from lethal illness
GM saves him many times

CC: i still remember he posted something after Central Admin published the letter to fire you

BB: there was once, a plead in facebook for all to help save him. seems he is bleeding profusely n about to die!

BB: As to Admin's letter, I didn't bother what the hell they wish to post!

CC: oh ya ya someone showed me the pic
and he seems to enjoy the torture and loves to publish the mutilated part... what a weird life to live

BB: he is real mad at me too, bcos the Kurukulla mandala was set by him-the one at the exhibition of lanterns for CNY lantern festival . with rectangular and not square table!

O! he claimed that he bore others negatives for them during cultivation! & show the self inflicted wounds.

some are from whips n some from lighted incense sticks! Thats what happen when people invoke the Black & white constables under City gods!


BB:! since when he Sees with his own eyes n listen with his own ears, am I fierce? :)

and why harp on VMs being appointed or affirmed by GM?
Has Gm said that all VMs are able to achieve Guru Yoga?

GM said all of them HAS YET TO YOGA WITH ME!
在「名」方面:In terms of [Name]:
師尊是堪能者,獅子跳躍的地方,免子不能跳,如果上師不能名符其實,就是「假上師」(Fake VM)!

One's deeds, One take responsibility, nothing to do with Guru/Teacher!

In recent speech, GM Lu again issued the warning again :
師尊是堪能者,獅子跳躍的地方,免子不能跳,如果上師不能名符其實,就是「假上師」(Fake VM)!

堪能 - Proficient or Skilful
名符其實 - Veritable

Shizun is a skilful person, where the Lion leaps, Rabbit cannot jump, if Shangshi (VM) are not Veritable, that is [Fake Shangshi]!


Slandering others?
Proclaiming Self as Authentic Vajra Master?

As GM Lu said: If not Veritable, then is Fake Master!

Did GM Lu teach this LY (Green Lotus from Taiwan), to self mutilate with whip and burning incense?

What was the method that GM Lu taught to all in regards to [Helping those with Heavy Karmic Negatives]?

Ah! GM Lu recently also stated that all students irregardless of titles can cultivate well to go to Pureland!

At the same time, GM Lu stated that "Not all VMs can do so"!

If not veritable, then is fake!
So the factors of the 3 Poisons are at play again! :)

Dear all, 
see what Attachment or Fixation on [Name] and its perceived "advantages" or "benefits" can Harm one?

My advice?

Go read and try your very best to comprehend the contents of Heart Sutra now!

GM Lu also explained the Heart Sutra very thoroughly!
Go dig them out and sincerely study!

A word of caution though: Sentient beings are not that easy to bluff nowadays! :)

As long as One can access internet, Information and knowledge all at one's fingertips!

Did I scold anyone or slander anyone?
I am extending Help to those Lost and Ignorant beings only! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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