Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New from Pure Karma's Homa Event Registration

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The importance of Offering has been stressed many times by GM Lu.
Pure Karma extends an opportunity for all to participate and cultivate Offering, which is one of the Fundamentals in Cultivation - Resource Path!

Also from Avatamsaka Sutra - Sakyamuni Buddha's attainment is also from Kalpas of Sincere Offering.

Yes! Countless years of Sincere Offering!

GM Lu also stated that Fire Offering is the Greatest Offering.
Each Fire Offering of incense is equivalent to a year of daily incense offering at your own altar.

Join us in offering from now on! :)

Units of Lotus Offering
Those that sponsored SGD 28 & above, is eligible to subscribing for 2 units of Lotus offering at SGD 15 each for dedication from themselves only.

Main Trays
Those that subscribe a main tray of offering at SGD 108 (Not attending) or
SGD 128 (Attending) are eligible to subscribe for a maximum of 6 Lotus offering at SGD 15 each for dedication from themselves only.

Dedication from themselves only - Eligible ones can dedicate offering on behalf of their:
  • present life ancestors - one each for each surname; 
  • karmic foes of this and past lifetimes; 
  • earth or city or mountain or sea (dragon kings) or whatever deities of choice - one for each deity; 
  • and one for self if not subscribing main tray of offering.

All Registration & Inquiries:

All Registration must be confirmed with relevant payment to Pure Karma dedicated accounts.

Registration closes at least 5 days before scheduled events or otherwise stated.

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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