Saturday, February 13, 2016

有缘众生 Beings with Affinity


During the 10 Feb 2016 event, GM Lu mentioned [有缘众生 ] during the dedication stage.
Did you picked that up?


We help those that Affinity with Buddha and with us had surfaced! 

From my experiences these few years with TBS, I realised that most lack True Affinity with Buddha and lied to themselves that they are actually cultivating! 

When YOU keep thinking that You are not ready and NEED to consult on personal matters pertaining to your well being in daily life, THEN you are one of those that really have no inkling what Cultivation of Buddha Dharma is all about! 

When Affinity is lacking, teaching or guiding you in cultivation is a frivolous act! 

It is not you think you want to ..... Then some one has to obliged!

Taking Refuge? 
Do you truly know what this mean?

Cultivation of Buddha Dharma?
What exactly is this?

Remember that GM Lu shared many times that in olden days, those that want to take refuge and learn cultivation have to bring great gifts, which is practically their net worth and travel long distances to seek out the fame masters or gurus.

In this time, most truly do not appreciate the Ease that Refuge taking has become and also Abhiseka from True Masters or Buddhas! 

People cringed upon hearing that Pure Karma fixed Personal counselling fees at SGD 3000 per block of 20 minutes or thereof! 

Think of the funds that you had been cheated of in registering for various so called "Fixes" that most temples sold you!
Add them up and think again, have these "Fixes" helped you?

If so, why are you still seeking answers or "Fixes" through Wenshi or personal consultation or counselling?

If the temples' operators truly understand Karma & Buddha Dharma, your funds would have been diverted to 
aiding you in saying sorry to your karmic foes; 
getting you blessing from constant offering to Divinities; 
all in lessening you Karmic negative levels and 
giving you a purifying bath! 

Buddha Dharma used effectively can change your fate or destiny! :)

AND, even if you are willing to pay Pure Karma's stipulated fees, we maintain the rights as to whether we want to provide any services or not!

Do you have the relevant ones?

Pure Karma is a private entity that answers to no one!
Materials to effectively cultivate are shared in our blogs!
Do you still think you need "personal attention"?

We are not in business to make profits too! 
Not selling anything! 

Dedications are accepted to share with those that truly want to make a difference in their lives.
We are not obliged in anyway to share our cultivation session too.

Register and participate or not, all your choice! 
Think carefully before you next hurl abuses or slander at Pure Karma! 

This is a compassionate gesture in providing an explanation.
We really don't have to justify or explain anything to anyone! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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