Saturday, February 13, 2016

救人-有形与无形的加持 Save People - Form & Formless Empowerment [2]

Above: GM Lu arriving for Ragaraja Event in Taiwan LZS.

    The part on VM Lian Teng asking to be delivered to Pureland and not working out his obligations as 3rd Prince - the one riding on fire-wind wheels; bears further pondering though.

    VM LT can project his spirit out to seek for GM Lu;
    GM Lu said he has achieved Maha Perfection dharma;
    Then whats stopping him from going to Pureland upon his own efforts?

    His Karmic entanglements or obligations that has yet to be served out?

    For someone that has cultivated well and affirmed by GM Lu, shouldn't his lifetime in this realm be extended further and he can be in good health to help more achieve success in cultivation?

    AH! Going to Pureland doesn't mean immediate attainment of Buddhahood though!

    Just sharing what is in my mind only!

      Telekinetic Healing?

      This is similar to GM Lu's description of Samadhi Boddhicitta in his book, Rainbow Body Attainment [3].

      And I was pondering on GM Lu's words about VM Lian Teng, who came in Spiritual form to seek out GM Lu to request to be delivered to Pureland.

      I also chatted with GM Lu about healing VM LT, so that he can share his technique of success in cultivation with more.
      As GM Lu affirmed his success, many would be prepared to listen to him and practice accordingly.

      BUT! Does LT wants an extended life span?
      Has he made previous request along this vein?


      No one can decide for any individual as to the matter of choice of life or death!
      Life extension might be possible if the purpose is beneficial to sentient beings at large.

VM Lian Teng has returned and he attended today's event!

Who saved him?

Think deeply from the contents of GM Lu's speech today! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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