Monday, February 29, 2016

净业?Pure Karma?

Above: Root Guru, White Padmakumara, Living Buddha Lian Sheng.
Below: A name bestowed by Root Guru.

Above: The 6-realm vajra mandala that Pure Karma "Popularised"!
Below: The Usnisa Vijaya Dharani that Pure Karma selected to practice diligently.

Above: Casket seal dharani, another "favorite" of Pure Karma, and Lotuschef.

 Above: The Pure Karma Logos.

 Above & below: Pure Karma in the Virtual Realm or Heavenly Realm!

Dear Lama Lotuschef,
If you are familiar with TBS' affairs, rumours, gossips......
I am a TBS delisted reverend and most would advise you to steer clear of me. :)

I am aware of that as well but I don't care. Lol. TBS is too far away in the States and many stuffs they cant tackle. Mainly they tackle worldly affairs or at least something to do with that. Saying this can that cant, promoting Grandmaster bla bla bla. See all those are worldly stuffs only. I am only interested in spiritual, I don't care the rest.. Anyway as far as this physical world is concerned, dualism always appears.

O! And my services are very expensive too! :)
For this point I have no comment. Surely, you have your own reason that I don't know. But surely Grandmaster has approved this. Lol.

I do not wish to waste time with insincere people that believe that I must be their slave and deliver goodies to help them get rich, powerful, famous... quick!
I do not ask to get rich though I am not rich. I just a common elementary school teacher. I am not a big boss. Lol. as I have stated in the beginning, for me spiritual is important. Perhaps I was born in one of the 'spiritual' constellations. Lol,

If you want to learn anything from me, be prepared to answer my questions first!
This is to gauge your levels and apply the relevant dharma or method to aid you.
No problemo. I am ready for your questions.

I have taken refuge yet. See, I would like to ask my mother to take refuge as well. That is the hard part. I haven't found the trick yet. My mother is a good mother but for her entire life she has a heavy karma. she is 79 yo now. Poor mom :( I got that heavy karma too as part of collective karma but mine is not so heavy compare with her. Throughout her life my mother is very fond of Quan Yin Avalokiteshvara. Actually she has her own Buddhist sect. When I ask her for refuge she would answer, Everywhere is actually the same. OMG! As a matter of fact she didn't refuse but ......I don't know ......affinity. Let's try again.

Before you ask me. May I ask you first. Lol :) Are you Singaporean or PR? Since you often do puja in Indonesia even Malaysia. May I know where you live in Singapore? No need the complete address. Lol.
I keep other questions first, ok? Lol. I have to make test paper for my students.

Warm regards,

Dear all, 
Read the email above carefully. 
It is another sequel to the Taking Refuge ones.

Remember that I stressed Body Speech Mind? :)

The writer of the email has revealed his Body Speech Mind, very clearly.

I had asked many this question: What does True Buddha School means to you?

And: What can True Buddha School do for you?
Then: What can you do for True Buddha School?

Similarly for the writer of the email shown above, he has given Lotuschef his views on the 3 questions above! 


Dear all, 
Please go through Pure Karma's activities and the articles shared by Lotuschef and you can find everything you need to build good and sound foundation to cultivate well to eventual Nirvana & Enlightenment!

My physical and personal presence really not necessary!

Or: Follow ALL GM Lu's sharings from beginning studiously and you also can attain Buddhahood easily with all the keys to guide you along the Bodhi Path!

I am saying?

Fixation on External forms are not what I want to share with anyone! :)

Refuge with TBS or not? 
As GM Lu said already, not important or required too! 

Refuge with TBS doesn't give anyone privilege to any personal tuition too!

Affinity with GM Lu will ensure that you get all the tuition you need, especially in Formless guidances that only the one with Affinity can receive!


Now, Think : How did Lotuschef learns Visualisation all these whiles, with Root Guru so physically far away?

To start with: Every individual needs to understand and cultivate Resource Path!

As to the Higher Tantras, you will receive timely and pertinent guidances from your Root Guru!

If you prefer to follow those that claimed that they have this and that Authorities, good luck to you, because you are wasting away the limited time you have in this life being misled!

Why events must be headed by GM Lu personally?
Most of what others had attempted to Sell to you, really not effective, right?

Think well before you leap! 
As GM Lu said, Where the Lions leap, rabbits must not follow suit, else they will come to fatal ends! 

Follow Pure Karma's evolvement since 2010 to now, you will benefit if you stay focus too. 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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