Tuesday, February 9, 2016

凡人的心态 Mortal's Mindset

Above: Screen shot 8 Feb 2016 Maitreya Event

[2/9/16, 3:26 PM] Lotuschef: its hard to be famous like GM though! The earthquake also ppl questioned whether he knows about it or not, if know then why don't he do something!
But these ppl have no idea of what is Karma & the collective kind too :)

AA: yes, this is why it's tiring to deal with narrow-minded people
they just want the answer that they want

Lotuschef : not really. they want to show that you are not that great n not a living buddha
but their words or abuses or slanders, actually showed how ignorant they truly are of Universal secrets

AA: that's really a damn stupid agenda
like trying to challenge things they don't know about

Lotuschef: not really! Just ignorant and jealous! some even come out loudly so those with like mindsets "Look-up" to them! :)
All for self!

Lotuschef: everybody has faults but the Almighty Self! 

Dear all, if you are one of those that alleged or accused GM Lu of not giving advance notice or warning of impending disasters or calamities, Think Again!

Have you truly Ingested, Chewed, Digested, all that GM Lu shared?

AND, instead of waiting for GM Lu's predictions to come true, the best solution for all is to Learn Prevention! 

That is to cultivate and alter your own destiny and then help others do so too! 

This is what I always state when doing Dedication: 自度度他 Succour Self Succour others!


I always stress DIY - Do It Yourself!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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