Wednesday, February 10, 2016

无形锁匙之主 Master of Formless Key [1]

Today's yidam for event is Ganesha - the red fortune god.

In HIS speech, GM Lu said that all present and participants of this event will received Health, Wealth and all auspiciousness from Ganesha. :)

Ah! Hahaha!

GM also brought up the great lottery winners, 2 from USA and 1 from Taiwan.
Total known: 3 fellow students! 

Now, tell a story:

Sometime in 2011, at a Ganesha Homa event in a local chapter.
During Samadhi, I sighted Ganesha bestowing everyone with heaps of gold ingots, currencies notes of USD & others, then on top of each pile that each person is holding with both arms outstretched, a giant size ruby like a rugby ball!

During the dharma speech, I told the attendees about this.
So each of them received the same gifts.

For the next 3 consecutive 4-digits lottery, my car number came in as first, starter, consolation prizes.

So how many really get the bestowed gifts from Ganesha?


When we were visiting Taiwan as a group, a shijie said to me, my hubby likes that light apple green color of your car and we bought luggages of that colour.
I asked her why my car.
She said because they won lots of money after that Ganesha event whereby I told them about Ganesha's gifts!

AND, red packets of gongyang from students who also received Ganesha's gifts, contained large bills! :)

The Combination of our Root Guru as Auspicious Vajra and Ganesha! 

So the Formless key to the Treasures were given to all and All are masters of these Keys! 

Can you use the one given to you?


Do you believe your Root Guru absolutely?
If you do, then do you adhere to his instructions to cultivate?

Have you managed to cleanse and purify Self of karmic impurities?

Yes! Still need to check out your Karmic frequencies!

Did I give you the goodies? 

Not really!

I just pointed out to you that through Root Guru, GM Lu, Ganesha bestowed gifts to all!

Ultimately, you are the Master of this Formless Key!

Use It!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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