Monday, February 22, 2016

人邪,教不邪 Individual Evil, Teachings Not Evil

Above: Screenshot of GM Lu one 21-2-2016.
Below: Screenshot of [劉海戲金蟾 The Story of Liu Hai and Jinchan]

GM Lu said: Allocation of Good fortune comes from cultivation of body.

There is 3 words: Wealth, Form, Fame, all can't be [Greedy], harm body and destroy integrity or virtue.

Have Virtue then have Good Fortune or Auspiciousness.
Have virtue then Fortune deities will visit hour home.

A cultivator must not be angry, jealous, melancholy, drunken drive, imbibe alcohol....;
We, Cultivators, must be one with cultured & nourished nature, have virtuous behaviour!


De (/də/; Chinese: 德) is a key concept in Chinese philosophy, usually translated "inherent character; inner power; integrity" in Taoism, "moral character; virtue; morality" in Confucianism and other contexts, and "quality; virtue" (guna) or "merit; virtuous deeds" (punya) in Chinese Buddhism.


If you watched drama [劉海戲金蟾 The Story of Liu Hai and Jinchan], the one in the above screenshot deviated from monkhood to priesthood!

As per the ideology of the story, this deviation somehow automatically perceived by Mortals as entering the Evil Path 魔道, and practicing Evil or Dark Arts to harm others in order to benefit self!

BUT! Is it really like this?

Hahaha! NO!

Deviation of one's cultivation path all from Personal Choice!
Practicing to harm others, also choice and nothing to do with the teachings!

As GM Lu said: Do or not, all personal choice!
And, : Know what you can do, and what you can't!


Karma is your own!

GM Lu made all these very clear already!

Someone said: With all the missiles fired at you from TBS' core and their lackeys, you still didn't bad-mouth GM Lu, but kept pointing out the greatness of his teachings!

Dear all, do you remember that GM Lu said that those that had achieved Guru Yoga, will never leave his sides?

Why bother self with what Ignorants chose to hurl or fire at One?
Has any of their shots HIT TARGET?


My advice: Do not waste your limited life span on frivolous pursuits that ONLY harm yourself! 

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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