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為何常『不語』Why Often [No Comment]

Terjemahan Indonesia: Mengapa Sering [Tidak Berkomentar]

Selective Translation into English by Lotuschef

蓮生活佛 > 師尊文集 > 74_無形之通 > 為何常『不語』

Pertaining to some arguments, I often maintain silence.

Pertaining to sentient beings' allegations, misunderstandings, slanders, I often do not say a word.

Many wanted me to judge some problems, directing and instructing what to do, I also often maintain silence.

Many people wanted me to come out with [Declaration] or [Announcement], I also didn't do so.

I often [No Comment]. Won't say a word.

Why like this?

Because this is [Teaching without speaking], [No speech surpass speech], is [imperceptible influence to influence secretly or silently].



[Dharma Speech] & [Written articles] are all [Teachings].

I have already spoken so much, written so many articles, if still don't understand, what more can I say, rather [not say anything].

The Enlightened understand the meaning of [Natural], also prefer [To not speak in teaching] and [ Influence imperceptibly to influence secretly or silently], these became my stance in dealing with worldly matters.

Some wants me to write:

True Buddha School's disciplines for Vajra Masters ---- Up to standard specified criterion.

True Buddha School's disciplines - Disciplines for True Buddha School's students.

True Buddha School's organisation rules/regulations - various levels of governing rules.

But, I considered:

I truly don't think of writing, because will add to the more than enough and existing countless disciplines on people, those set down laws by people, Buddhism's rules with form already very dense.
If I write more [Disciplines] & [Rules], won't it cause people to suffocate?

I would like to tell students these:

True Buddha School's true disciplines has only seven characters: 
[Let all be natural, do not act unscrupulously/mindlessly.]

Breach disciplines is: [Violate nature, greatly unscrupulous.]

Like this only.

These 7 characters is truly enough, considering this, I again repeat myself.

Living Buddha Lian Sheng often [No comment], is because [ say already also equal to wasteful speech], better not to speak.
I have already spoken much, still don't understand, also can't be help.
I am indifferent to worldly matters, speak or not, is the same.

I understand:
Want to breach discipline, you to tell him, he will continue to breach discipline.

Won't breach discipline, you don't say anything, he still abide discipline.


This [Living Buddha] or [ Sector/School master] all can throw away like garbage.

Also no falsification.

True Buddha School can disappear, also can exist.
Exist or not, let it [execute at will].

I am like this [Let all be natural], [do not act unscrupulously/mindlessly]!



Impartial & selfless, is to resolve [Greed].

Let all be natural, is to resolve [Aversion].

Action through Inaction, is to resolve [Ignorance].



蓮生活佛 > 師尊文集 > 74_無形之通 > 天馬行空(序)
This article is one of many in the above book published in early 1988.



This video comes after GM Lu commented about others alleging he is weak and lying about his health.


From articles:
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  • Guru's statements? True/False? :)

    [--- Yesterday I saw the Bahasa translation regarding Samaya being published.
    It's guru giving the sermon on 22 Sept 2012 after having lunch in Seattle temple.
    Perhaps you've read the chinese version.
    The main point if I should conclude from the sermon would be "forgetting your guru".
AA: Oh here it is the chinese one:
[ Comment-13 Nov 2014 : It seems the above link is no longer valid!
Hahaha! ]
LC: Well, there is no video on guru's speech to be found. This is a write up.

[** The Following is a rough translation only. Please translate from the original & make your own deduction , using your knowledge of Buddha Dharma & what Guru has shared. :) ]

  • Cannot talk more than 3 words with those that betrayed GM!
    [So I die liao lol!!! Hahaha! They said so as not to be affected!!!]
  • Give copies of disciplines to all new students.
  • Cannot touch Guru & his possession like cloths or bed and can't assess Guru's cultivation level
  • About tibetan king Trisong Deutsen who betrayed Padmasambhava n how his ring activated the red bull spirit to reincarnate as grandson n eliminated buddhism.
  • In ancient times, when guru did not instruct student to read a book, reading the book becomes breach of disciplines n must do repentance. Our guru is more liberal.
  • About how Atisha & Serlingpa studied each other before accepting each other; therefore have to consider well before refuge as after refuge there are samaya vows.
  • Those who care for guru are more meritorious than those who have cultivated well.
  • Breaching samaya will land one in vajra hell.
  • Always make sure Guru is upon one's crown before giving dharma speeches, else the speech is null & void.
  • Those who think they have cultivated well n very intelligent, they are controlled by mara already.

I had a glance that day n didn't bother to read on as they were truly not from Guru....

Central n YY likes to use his powers to bluff people.
he is covering for his lack of cultivation too....


Based on all these, i can roast in hell lol???

I shared teachings n golden words from other rinpoches too! so I must be hanged?
Buddha didn't make things this way lol
They said so as not to be affected!!!- so no one can cultivate to enlightenment?
without leaping the hindrances along the way, how do one learn n overcome?

Reading the whole thing, u know these are not the words of Guru, or an enlightened one!
Power & Control!
Did I get influenced by YC or even the self-proclaimed good guys?
hahaha! my article about guru putting the poisonous ones by his sides will rub them real raw n enough to kill me!

Am I possessed by the demon?
who cares...


Dear readers, how many times have you heard Guru said: Those who cultivate well are just beside me, whereas those who are physically beside me and don't cultivate well, are truly very far from me.

Guru's statement nullified Statement 7 and 10 above, do you agree?

Guru said he reads copiously as a daily routine too! Will he stops his students from doing the same?

Does refuge in TBS means you get brainwashed and only fed whatever those "acting Guru" deem to put your way? Hahaha! hilarious!
This has similar veins to the Guru has copyrights issue on Buddha Dharma that he shares?

Finally, as there is no video recording of the supposed speech alleged to be Guru's; it is up to Individual to make what you perceive of these statements. ---]


Dear all, GM Lu wrote 為何常『不語』and published in early 1988.

Core's Published [It's guru giving the sermon on 22 Sept 2012 after having lunch in Seattle temple.]

Also published the various justification to delist Lotuschef!

All these Core alleged to be GM Lu's statements! 


Now, Truth is?
GM Lu has already clearly stated that HE does not want to write or set down any disciplines, rules, regulations... at all! 

So taking the date of early 1988 of article 為何常『不語』, and Core's claim on 22 Sept 2012  that GM Lu stated the various disciplines after lunch in Seattle Temple, about the space of 24+ years!

Shouldn't members of Core who are students that are with GM Lu for more than 24 years be aware of Root Guru's stance?

So who knows what are disciplines truly for?

Lotuschef, a student since 2008 or Core's members, who are mostly veteran students?

Once again, to "Tok Chef" and associates, Time to wake up now! 

Going against One's Root Guru's statements or falsifying statements in attempt to harm others, you and you alone are responsible for the eventual karmic rebounces! 

Does delisting Lotuschef from your perceived TBS' reverends list help you at all?

O! what great returns in denouncing your lies, from GM Lu, himself! 

Does Lotuschef need to seek out GM Lu personally to affirmed the delisting or justify anything?

Why was the Link for Discipline Announcement for 22 Sep 2014 inactive or maybe deleted?

And, I just recalled a thick compilation of TBS' rules & regulations that Rev. LL told me to read and follow, sometime in 2010.
It detailed what VMs can do, Reverend can do, various levels of dharma propagators like dharma lecturer, speaker & assistant can do; also chapter's administrator,......
So this one is also fabrication like I thought all along!

I remember telling a fellow student that why certain rituals specified that only VMs can do?
For example: Refuge abhiseka on behalf of Root Guru; Wenshi;....
The reason for my point of view: Who are you when you yoga with Root Guru, White Padmakumara? :)

A great fabrication by Sentient Minded beings in attempt to segregate and control others with their mortals' minds to the detriment of others!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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