Friday, February 5, 2016

疑心 Doubtful Heart

Terjemahan Indonesia: Hati yang Penuh Keraguan

Read [Power of Guru's Mantra] from this blog?

Let me tell a story. :)

One evening, after Homa event.
About 12 of us were cooling off in a McDonald's outlet.
From my left hand side, a couple AA & BB sat 3 places down.
AA, the wife started to urge BB, her spouse, to voice something.

BB said pretty accusingly: Fashi, why you didn't teach us the Manjusri deliverance mantra for mealtimes?

I asked: O! I didn't? Then what have you two been doing before meals?
(I dine with them often, and when I was doing the Deliverance and Great Mandala Offering, they were also doing likewise with mudra and mantra).


BB replied: We chant Guru's Mantra.

I said: What's wrong with Guru's Mantra? It is the same and has the same effect!


What's wrong with Guru's Mantra?
The problem is at that juncture, I saw a scary spirit that is bend on mischief in AA!
O! There are more than one in her though.

AND, I remembered when a fellow student emailed to asked me about the before meals ritual, I replied and also sent a copy to AA to share with her.

AH! When one's karmic enemies take control, lots of negatives are created!

I also shared the meaning of Guru's mantra, the long and short version.
It is not the problem of Guru's mantra or any other mantra, BUT the sincerity of the Individual using them and whether using them with Boddhicitta or not!

When you doubt your own Root Guru, you will never ever understand True or Authentic Buddha Dharma!

Doubt is a lethal poison!


When you act "funny", please remember that there are people that can see through you. :)

Stick close to GM Lu and stay safe!

There is no need to say sorry to me too, just say sorry to yourself for your own choice of actions.

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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