Friday, February 12, 2016

Taking Refuge 皈依?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Bersarana?

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Dear David,

1. Taking refuge:
From your email, you said that you are aware of the Remote Refuge Procedure. That's good!

What do you mean by Taking Refuge through Lama Lotuschef?
You mean you will attend one of our events and have Lama Lotuschef perform the Refuge taking ceremony for you?

You can do so indoors as well as outdoors, as long as you are facing East or the Direction of the Rising Sun.

2. [After that remote empowerment, may I ask for guidance from you regarding cultivation.]
Whether you take refuge with GM Lu or other Gurus, guidance should come from HIM, the Root Guru.

I have vowed to not accept any students in this lifetime, therefore, cultivation guidances is dependent upon Affinity with me or not. :)

My program for all new comers to Pure Karma, are the same as stated by GM Lu, My Root Guru.

Start from Basics: Resource Path Cultivation (Sambhara Marga)
This and other Basics are all within the 4 Preliminaries Practice (Prayoga Marga).
You just have to read up and watch the relevant videos and pick up the keys only.

If you are familiar with TBS' affairs, rumours, gossips......
I am a TBS delisted reverend and most would advise you to steer clear of me. :)

O! And my services are very expensive too! :)

I do not wish to waste time with insincere people that believe that I must be their slave and deliver goodies to help them get rich, powerful, famous... quick!

I do not market "Get Rich & Powerful & Famous" quick packages!

If you are still interested to learn from me, start by attending Pure Karma Events.
The next one in Jakarta is 26 March 2016. 

Or participate by sponsoring or doing dedication during our events.
All details in Events Page of our blogs.
Register online please.

You might also be aware that Personal Counselling is SGD 3000 for each block of 20 minutes or part thereof.

Note: If you want to learn anything from me, be prepared to answer my questions first!
This is to gauge your levels and apply the relevant dharma or method to aid you.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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