Thursday, February 4, 2016

师尊的援手 GM Lu's Helping Hand

Hi AA,
Yesterday, your face appeared in my vision while I am chatting with GM.
Can u take a photo of yourself now and email to me, please?
As this is GM's extending help to you, there will be no fees applied to my services.

Hello fashi,
It is my recent picture...please tell me if something wrong happened..

You have improved slightly from that time that I met you in Senayan.
You can compare your photo then and now too.
Don't believe everything I said. :)

Now Daily homework:
Guru Mantra - long , 100 syllables mantra, High King Sutra, in dedication to all sentient beings.

Your problem is part of your spirit is lost somewhere, thus you have a far away look.
To help yourself, cultivation helps to soften and reduce the anger & hatred from your karmic enemies and GM will help convince them to let go of all negatives with you.

When I am next in Jkt, maybe come attend PKV's event, so I can help you negotiate with your karmic enemies as well.

The Important thing is that you need to cultivate and dedicate then you have merits or points that GM or myself can use as bargaining chips to negotiate on your behalf.

GM said that problems like yours if more than 8 years, more difficult to reverse, but not impossible.

So, please try your best.


Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Dear fashi,
Thanks a lot for your advice. I will keep trying do the daily homework from GM Lu.

Is there any homa/package recommendation during homa to help me reduce the karmic enemies? Since i believe, besides doing the daily homework, participate in homa will be helpful as well.


Karmic enemies - past and present lifetimes
Ancestors; Attached spirits, foetus spirits, spirits that you have harmed or wronged
Thus dedication to all sentient beings, your cultivation merits.

Pure karma also does charity to the poor n needies worldwide, so you can also sponsor pure karma's charity.

I will look thru your recent registration and give you relevant advice later

Note that in all Pure Karma's event:
We do dedication and request blessing for all beings, wishing all happy and well.
Written in our Homa scripts is : sharing brightness with all beings.

So whatever you do, think of sharing with all.
Thats in the 4 Immeasurable Visualisation & Vows & mantra taught by GM
As long as you are willing to share generously, then whoever trapped a part of your spirit will be willing to release it, then the lost part can be returned to you by GM

We do not force the issue and make enemies, so can't use power to hit out at any one.

1. doing ancestors offering helps.
2. Main tray is offering to all Divinities and then their blessing shower on all beings.
3. dedication of incense to homeless spirits, earth and city deities, also helps you build good links to more. - for this item, you can sponsor any amount, as Pure karma has standard dedication package for them, so we just add on more offering only.
The special pack for EG Or CG is $188/- each. - do anyone of these only when you are in business and wants to increase your business income.

The most important is your sincerity and diligence in cultivation and dedication to all beings.


Dear fashi,

Thanks a lot for your advice, I will do the thing as your advice and hopefully my karmic enemies will be blessed as well and forgive me if i do wrongly to whoever in past or present.

Hopefully GM Lu always prevail to help all sentient beings as well.


O! WW, you can help karmic dedicate offering during homa.
Since you already have one main tray, I will allow you to add on lotus offering at SGD 15 each for your karmic enemies and your ancestors from dad's and mom's side.

as this is mini homa, I do not accept registration for individual lotuses like in Medan events.

So let me know how many lotus offering you want to register and on behalf of who. :)
u can do for earth god, homeless spirits, city gods, dragon kings, mountain gods, ...... each at SGD 15.

Cheers and relax
You will be ok as long as you are willing to put in effort to help self


The Homa event at Senayan, Jakarta, was about 4 years ago?
The improvement is slight.
Most students don't cultivate at all, OR
Cultivate with the Wrong Mindset!

GM Lu has recently revealed that in Cultivation, Your Will power or Mind is the Driving Force!

I have writing about Mindset from the beginning, BUT how many caught on?

Do not think that GM Lu has neglected you at all too!

When Affinity matures or Time is ripe, you will get help.

How to hasten the maturity of affinity?

Sincere & diligent cultivation!

O! For those that I have helped with "Lost spirit"; you are more prone to any "Spiritual Invasion" of the negative kind. 
So please maintain cultivation!
You didn't get a lifetime Immunity to further attacks!

As GM Lu said: You get cure from an attack of common cold, but you will get attack again!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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