Thursday, October 1, 2015

禅宗公案 Zen Koan – 走不回来的小和尚 Little Monk who can't walk back

Reading in the silence of the night, a Zen Koan caused me to have deep thoughts for a long while.

One day, monastery want to build expansion of halls, and there is a precious Ginkgo tree that need to be move and transplanted elsewhere.

Abbot instructed 2 disciples to carry out this task and report back once done.

Both of them came in front of the tree and started to dig to transplant the tree, after a few digs, a little monk said to the other: Dharma brother, the wood handle of my metal picks is spoilt. You wait, I go repair then dig again.

Dharma brother advised him to transplant the tree first then do the repairs, he said: That won't do. using this type of picks then how long will it takes to do the digging!

Thus, little monk went to see the carpenter to borrow an axe, carpenter said: real unfortunate, my axe was spoilt yesterday while chopping something, just let me use the vegetable knife to help you with the repairs.

Hearing these, Little monk said: that won't do, using the knife will be very slow, let me look for the metal-worker to help you repair your axe.

Little monk brought along the axe to seek out the metal-worker in the next village, metal-worker laughing bitterly said to him: I just finished using my charcoal, you see.....

Little monk then let go of the axe to see charcoal in the mountain, and met with the charcoal supplier telling him : I didn't make charcoal for many days, because can't find buffalo cart to transport the wood here.

Little monk then went to a wood transporter, that said: you see my buffalo is sick....

After a few days, when the group of monks look for little monk everywhere, they found him carrying a few packs of herbal medicine rushing from one township to the transporter's village.

Everyone asked him why buy medicine, he said to treat the buffalo, and asked him why need to treat the buffalo, he said need the buffalo to do the transportation...... the tree digging matter, he already clean forgot.


认认真真忙碌,辛辛苦苦奔波,到最后听到有人问“你在干什么” -what are you doing时,却惘然不知如何作答,因为在目标的不断转换中,那个最初的目标早已渐渐模糊以至消失了。

在人生的过程中,那个 “最初的目标” -initial goal 便是我们的宝贵自我———生命存在的意义和根据,丢弃了它,就只能像一个空壳人一样在这个世界上游荡。



In the above, the Little monk got too involved on his way to seek repairs to his metal picks!

Just lost focus!

Dear all, why did you take refuge with GM Lu, the Living Buddha Lian Sheng?

How long have you spent in sincere and diligence learning and practicing what GM Lu shared?

Like most students, you have lost your way or your initial goal! :)

As GM Lu said: wake up please!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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