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一切為「一」All as [One]

Terjemahan Indonesia: Segalanya adalah [Satu]

蓮生活佛 > 師尊文集 > 249_來自佛國的語言
249 - Language from Buddha Country

Lao-zi said: People can keep to One, all matter conclude! 

Confucius said: One throughout.

Buddha said: One vehicle.

Daoist said: Practice essence to transform to Qi, Practice Qi to transform to soul or spirit, Practice soul return to illusion.

Later, added: Practice Illusion return to Dao (Path).

These are definition of [One].

Pureland School's dedication: [see below]


這是「一」。This is [One].

All return to Paradise Pureland is [One].

Zen & Pureland schools: All thoughts regrouped as One thought!

Tantrayana said: One flavour yoga.

Christian school said: Only one god, Top emperor Jehovah.

Tantrayana has [Meeting of child's and mother's light:

Practice & Cultivate self's light (child light), with Universe' light (mother light) merge as One, return and harmonise in the great bright sea of Vairocana.

These are all: One.

Tantrayana's [Preliminary Practice] is [Build Foundation], this point very important. 
The firmer the foundation, better in attaining success in future.

Do not underestimate [Preliminary Practice].

It is basic foundation dharma or methods.

It is starting point of all dharma ways.

我們且看: Lets look at:

大禮拜法── Great Homage method:
(降伏自己的傲慢)- Suppress one's pride & ego.

大供養法── The Great Offering method:
(降伏自己的私心)= Suppress one's selfishness.

四皈依咒── The Four Refuge mantra:

Refuge with one heart to the Vajra Guru, Buddha Dharma Sangha. Actually is one refuge, eventually refuge in self's nature)

大懺悔法──  The Great Repentance method:
Eliminate sins of self, 100 syllables mantra's dharma definition is Void nature, that is Buddha Nature.

These 4 methods or dharma, do as much as possible.

The above Preliminary Practice or Dharma, is to go indepth to lift up one's own concentration ability, with body, hand mudra, verbal chanting, visualisation, arriving at body, speech, mind merging as one in purity.

Focusing one's conscious essence or spirit in diligent cultivation, can enter True no unwholesome thought type of focus condition.

All essence concentrate or focus.

Train own's loose and wondering thoughts, can reach: One.


18. Dedication of Merits

Recite the dedication verse:
May all who uphold the name of Amitabha Buddha
Be born together in the Pure Land of His Western Paradise.
Repaying the Fourfold Generosity from above,
And aiding those who suffer in the Three Paths below.
Upon seeing the Buddha,
May I be liberated from the cycle of birth and death,
And may I develop the qualities of Buddhahood,
And thus free all who suffer.


Another article from GM Lu on Buddha's Language!

Build Foundation! 
Sounds familiar?

Ya! I have been telling all that Basic Foundation is crucial to your progress in cultivation!

NOW, Got an idea what is Buddha Language all about?

Lotuschef has a very peculiar and "Unfriendly" stipulation to all that seek to learn cultivation from her!

You must show Lotuschef that you are sincere in diligent cultivation and have some basic or fundamental to BUILD upon! 

Haven't I been talking and sharing in Buddha's language?

Can't blame most of you, for not recognising or understanding Buddha's language?

Look through all that is shared in this blog carefully, how much do you really understand?

As GM Lu cautioned: Do not slander anyone if you don't understand! :)

Valuable and prudent caution that you best heed!

To the reverend that yelled at me at my first attendance of White matter chanting session in Singapore, who pronounced : Who said cultivate Four Preliminaries Practice can attain Buddhahood!

Does it matter whether some ignorants pronounced that Lotuschef is not a Fashi?

Wake up, please!

Show me you are sincere and going to be diligent in cultivation, and arm yourself with some fundamentals that I shared profusely in this blog, 
THEN, I will help you progress "Step by Step" in cultivation of Tantric Dharma!

Of course, the choice remains Yours and Yours alone, to do or not to do!

I will make sure that you do not waste my time!

Cheers All.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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