Friday, October 23, 2015

Zen Patriarch Hui-neng - Non-dualism

Above: Statue of Zen Patriarch Bodhidhrama!

Extract of a translated version of Zen Patriarch Hui-neng's sutra:-

He further asked, “How was Huang Mei’s doctrine transmitted?” 

“There was no transmission,” replied Hui Neng.
“We merely discussed seeing the nature. There was no discussion of Dhyana samadhi or liberation.” 

Yin Tsung asked, “Why was there no discussion of Dhyana samadhi or liberation?” 

Hui Neng said, “These are dualistic dharmas. They are not the Buddhadharma. The Buddhadharma is a Dharma of non-dualism.” 

Yin Tsung asked further, “What is this Buddhadharma which is the Dharma of non-dualism?” 

Hui Neng said, “The Dharma Master has been lecturing The Nirvana Sutra which says that to understand the Buddha-nature is the Buddhadharma which is the Dharma of non-dualism. 

As Kao Kuei Te Wang Bodhisattva said to the Buddha, ‘Does violating the four serious prohibitions, committing the five rebellious acts, or being an icchantika and the like cut off the good roots and the Buddha-nature?’ 

The Buddha replied, ‘There are two kinds of good roots: the first, permanent; the second impermanent. 
The Buddha-nature is neither permanent nor impermanent. 
Therefore it is not cut off.’ 

“That is what is meant by non-dualistic. 
The first is good and the second is not good. 
The Buddha-nature is neither good nor bad. 
That is what is meant by nondualistic. 
Common people think of the heaps and realms as dualistic. 
The wise man comprehends that they are non-dualistic in nature. 
The non-dualistic nature is the Buddha-nature.” 

Hearing this explanation, Yin Tsung was delighted. 
He joined his palms and said, “My explanation of Sutras is like broken tile, whereas your discussion of the meaning, Kind Sir, is like pure gold.” 

He then shaved Hui Neng’s head and asked Hui Neng to be his master. Accordingly, under that Bodhi tree, Hui Neng explained the Tung Shan Dharma-door.


Your very own Buddha Nature!
Therefore, it is your very own responsibility to maintain it!

Like learning a language or skill!
No one can still it from you!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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