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禅宗开悟故事 Zen Enlightening Tales - 佛法无多子 Buddha Dharma Don't Have Many Children

临济义玄俗姓邢, 曹州(今山东荷泽)南华人。
他的师承颇为广泛, 而直接启发他大悟的, 则是黄檗希运禅师

临济落发受具后, 精究佛教律学, 博通经论, 随后辗转来到江西黄檗山参见希运禅师。
在黄檗会下, 义玄以行业第一著称

[The story is about how ZM Huang-bo Xi-yun ignited Lin-ji Yi-xuan to enlightenment.]

At that time, Mu-zhou is appointed top seat (the person holding the top position in a Zen chapter), seeing that Yi-xuan's enlightenment affinity has matured, pointed out to him, saying:

You have been here for some time, why don't go ask?

Ling-ji asked: Ask about what?

Mu-zhou said: You just ask: What is the big meaning of Buddha Dharma?

Ling-ji then went to ask Huang-bo, but he hasn't finish speaking, Huang-bo raised his hand and hit out.

After Yi-xuan's return, top seat asked: How is your asking?

Yi-xuan replied: I haven't finish speaking, the monk hit me.

Top seat said: You go ask again.

Yi-xuan went to ask and Huang-bo hit again.
This happened 3 times.

Yi-xuan said to top seat: Thanks to top seat reminding me to go ask, I went to ask for 3 times and got hit 3 times. I am afraid that my affinity is not here, I think it is better to go seek elsewhere.

Mu-zhou said: If you want to go, also must go tell master.

Later, Mu-zhou went to Huang-bo first, saying:
This young person is hard to come by, master why don't you cut and polish him to enable him to be a big tree to leave shade and coolness for posterity.

Huang-bo nodded in agreement.

When Yi-xuan went to bid farewell, Huang-bo said:

If you want to get enlightened, no need to go elsewhere, only need to go to Gao-an Tan-tou Da-yu monk's place, he will initiate you.

Lin-ji reached Da-yu's place, recounted the previous happening, asked: Where did I go wrong?

大愚说:“黄檗这么老婆心切,只是为了使你能够早日开悟,他都快被你累死了, 你还在这里问有什么过错!”
Da-yu said: Huang-bo is caring like a wife, only for you to get enlighten earlier, he almost let you tire him to death, you still come here and ask what's wrong!

Upon hearing these, Lin-ji suddenly realised, said: So Huang-bo's Buddha Dharma don't have many children!

Da-yu pinched him and said: You just now still asked have wrong or not, now you still dare to said Huang-bo's Buddha Dharma don't have many children. What meaning have you seen? Quick tell, quick tell!

Lin-ji boxed Da-yu's chest 3 times.

Da-yu pushed Lin-ji away, saying: Your teacher is Huang-bo, nothing to do with me.

Yi-xuan took his leave of Da-yu and returned to Huang-bo.

Huang-bo said upon seeing him: This fellow come and go repeatedly, is there an end or not?

Yi-xuan said: Yesterday received reverend's instruction, went to visit Da-yu and then return.

Huang-bo said: Has Da-yu spoken?

Yi-xuan recounted his visit to Huang-bo.

黄檗说: “这大愚太饶舌多事, 待明日见了, 非痛打他一顿不可!”
Huang-bo said: This Da-yu talk too much, when I see him next day, will surely give him a good beating!

义玄说:“说什么明天, 现在就揍他一顿!”
Yi-xuan said: Why talk about tomorrow, go beat him up now!

一边说着, 一边向黄檗飞掌而击。
As he said these, he flew punches at Huang-bo at the same time.

Huang-bo laugh heartily: This crazy man, dare to stroke a tiger's beard here!

Yi-xuan loudly shouted once.

Huang-bo turned around and said to his attendant: Bring this crazy man to the Lesson hall!


What does "Buddha Dharma don't have many children" means?

Remember GM Lu said: Absolute and One?

What have you been chasing?
How did you get lost?

Level One of Yoga - Focus on One, remember?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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