Friday, October 2, 2015

禅宗公案 Zen Koan – 八折诵经 8-fold Discounted Sutra Chanting

Source of article: 八折诵经

There is a son who went to a temple to request ZM Fo-guang to do sutra chanting to delver his late father. ZM prepared the necessaries offerings to chant sutra on the demised behalf.

This filial son is worried about the fees for sutra chanting, thus kept asking the ZM Fo-guang about fees for chanting a chapter of Amitabha's sutra?

ZM Fo-guang not accustomed to this stingy attitude of the filial son, unfriendly answered :
Chant one chapter of Amitabha Sutra needs 10 taels of silver.
Unperturbed, the filial son start to bargain:
ZM, 10 teals of silver is too expensive! Can do a 8-fold discount (Means pay 80% of the asking price), how about 8 taels of silver?
ZM nodded in affirmative: OK!
When the Sutra Chanting ritual was in progress, filial sone heard the ZM chanting:
Buddhas & boddhisattvas of the ten directions, please give the merits of today's sutra chanting to the deceased, let him be reborn in Eastern World.
Upon hearing these, the filial son protested to the ZM:
Its not right! ZM, I have heard of deceased going to the Western Paradise after life, never heard of going to the East World?
ZM then said:
To Western Paradise needs 10 taels of silver, you insisted on 8-fold calculation, only can go to Eastern world!
Filial son has no other choice, said:
I will add 2 taels of silver, please sent my father to the Western Paradise!
At this time, the deceased in the coffin cannot hold it in anymore and loudly scolded his son:
You, this unfilial son, just to save 2 taels of silver, caused your old man to go to the east this moment and then next moment to the west, let me run all over, real hardship!

Buddha Dharma is not commercial goods, should not treat the same way and bargain.




This is a great story and a warning to those that THINK to buy Dharma Power with $$$!

The VIPs and the VVIPs, that pay their ways to be very close to Rinpoche or etc., wake up now!


Do you still think that Pure Karma or Lotuschef is all out for your $$$?
If you still think so, please continue to do so and stay far far away from us!

Dharma are methods or ways!

Paying lots of $$$ will not help you to understand and use Dharma!

To those that didn't plough in efforts to learn from GM Lu, you have missed the life-boat that is designed specially for you! :)

As to Pure Karma & Lotuschef?
Nah! Too late too to seek me out as well!

To those that accepted Core's verdict and pronounced that Lotuschef is not a fashi, good luck to you all!

O! Even if you wake up now, without the relevant affinity, you won't be able to enter Pure Karma too!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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